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Hello and welcome to the latest issue of this (infrequent, intermittent) newsletter, where you can listen to and read my latest productions for RFI and elsewhere. It's always nice to share things I am interested in, and I hope you enjoy them, too. As always, get more frequent (though smaller) updates via Twitter

Spotlight on France: A podcast

Much of what I produce for RFI is aired in a weekly segment called Spotlight on France, which - it turns out - is also a podcast! There's an RSS feed and an Apple podcast/iTunes listing and everything! If you can, take a listen and subscribe... and even better, rate and comment: RFI English is going through a major transition and it would be helpful to be able to show that we do have listeners/followers.

Abortion in France: legal, but doctors can refuse

A few weeks ago the president of the French union of gynecologists and obstetricians said abortion was murder, but insisted that each doctor could decide whether or not to do the procedure. It got me wondering about the effect of the 'conscience clause' in France's abortion law on women, and abortion providers. Listen here.

Winemakers struggle to recruit enough grape harvesters

I went to Alsace during the grape harvest to see how wine makers manage their seasonal harvesters. People are hired for several days over a two-month period: the work is uneven, and not easy, and so it's hard to find and keep good people. Even so, the harvest remains a festive event in France. Listen here.

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Here are some recent interviews, on various subjects, that aired on RFI:

- Alternative Nobel literature prize jury president on opening up the process
- Physicians for Human Rights on Nobel's effect on ending sexual violence in war
- An Indian lawyer on flaws in the country's new sex-offender registry 
- Energy analyst on future oil demands coming from plastics, not fuel
- Analysis of China's deal with the Vatican over Chinese Catholics
- Red Cross on fear driving attacks on Ebola health workers in DRC

Infuse présente, season 2

A new Infuse concert season means a new podcast season. The first segment features a violinist from a New York-based duo talking about a piece they perform that takes racism in the US - past and present - as its subject matter. Take a listen here. Subscribe through Apple/iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Next episode towards the end of November, to coincide with the next concert. Stay tuned.
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