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On US airwaves on Wednesday!

Tune in to The World on Wednesday, August 2, to listen to another piece coming out of my reporting in Senegal this spring. The World is a daily live program that airs on public radio stations across the US. Here is a link to find out where/when it airs, or to see how you can listen in other ways.

Looking forward to your feedback if you happen to catch it!

Summertime from the archives

To occupy your ears in the meantime, I've dug up a couple of pieces from long, long ago that have to do with Paris in August...

Baking Christmas in August

It may be hot outside, but French pastry chefs are already thinking of the cold weather and the busy Christmas season. Here's an aural feast of cakes that goes back a few years, but I think is still pretty accurate as far as production goes.

Closed for the holidays

Parisians often say the best time to be in Pars is in August... because there are no Parisians. Many stores close for a week or the whole month. Here's a 2009 foray into why that is (link to a friend's site who archived the audio, as it's no longer online).
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