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Here's a newsletter full of pieces and podcasts to accompany you this weekend!

There are some pieces I've produced for RFI over the past couple of months, plus new episodes of the two podcasts I'm currently producing.

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The Backstory: A media freedom podcast

We just completed our first 6-episode season of the podcast, looking at the big issues facing journalists and the media profession. The latest is a show about soft-censorship, how governments use money to influence media. Previous episodes look at threats facing female journalists, and fake news.
A new season starts in the fall. Listen to all of Season 1 here, and subscribe where you get your podcasts (Apple link here).

Self-driving cars in France: sustainable?

French car makers and tech companies are in the race to develop the technology for self-driving cars, but there are calls to take advantage of the technological revolution, to rethink the way people get around in cities. They hope the innovation will lead to collective forms of transportation, rather than self-driving individual cars. Take a listen here where I take a ride on a self-driving shuttle in La Defense.

Made in France is becoming trendy

The concept of 'Made in France' was put forward during the 2012 presidential election campaign as a kind of economic patriotism to re-industrialize France. But today the idea is being embraced by consumers who want to know where their products are made. Listen here to my visit to a Paris street whose stores are temporarily only selling things made... in France.

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Migrants are welcome... to some

In April I spent some time in Lille, in northern France, and met some locals who have been hosting refugees in their homes. You can listen to that piece here:

Locals in Lille open their homes to refugees

Lille has the main police prefecture for northern France, which includes the Calais refugee camp. And authorities are being asked to increasingly apply the 'Dublin regulation', and send asylum seekers back to the first European country they entered (often Italy). Here is my piece looking into that:

Asylum seekers in France increasingly 'Dublined', deported to other EU countries

Experimental music in performers' own words

I've been producing a series of pieces released as a podcast for the Infuse concert series, that gives a taste of the music performed at each concert. As the season comes to a close, you can listen back to some of the the musicians who played... several of them speaking English! One ensemble  wants to shake up their audiences.
And there are two flutists, one who loves silence and another who mixes time and space. Here's the podcast page and the Apple podcast link.
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