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Here in France this time of year has a special name: the rentrée, the 'return'... summer break is over, it's back to school, back to work. Just the time for a bit of an update on what I've been up to for the last few months....

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Not horsing around: French therapists turn to alternative treatments for PTSD.

Americans are not the only ones skeptical about vaccinations.

An interesting new service in Paris links up those who need work with those who have odd jobs that need doing.

A reconstruction of the ship Lafayette took from France to the US, crossed the Atlantic this summer. I visited the Hermione before it left the port.

Reports from two exhibits in Paris: Le Corbusier's architectural ideal, and the Lumiere Brothers and the origins of cinema.

More stories:

- French players embrace American football;
- A damning report about sexual harassment in French public transit;
- China looks to France on how to deal with Africa...

To see what I'm up to at RFI, check out this link.

Climate change coming to Paris

In December, Paris will be hosting the United Nations climate conference. I'll be covering some of that.

Ahead of the conference, one group is leading Toxic Tours of sites around Paris, to raise awareness of what needs to be done.
Some French companies are are looking for green energy.

And the biggest food market in the Paris region has scrapped plastic bags.

On the air elsewhere

WAMC's 51% picked up my story about the Pink Tax in France.
New Hampshire Public radio aired my profile of a female conductor.

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