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This is the first Toucanradio newsletter of 2015... January came and went quickly, starting as it did with the attacks in Paris, which kept me busy, and then I looked up and it's almost the end of February. Here is what I have been up to (and remember, for slightly more up-to-the-minute updates, I'm on Twitter!)
This, of course, is what has been keeping me busy. Over a month after the attacks in Paris on January 7 and 9, the frenzy of breaking news has given way to the aftermath.

First, there was the question of free speech. Here's an interview I did with a lawyer: What does French law really say about free speech?

The French government has started taking a hard look at prisons. Here is my interview with a prison Imam, part of a series I produced with a colleague on radicalization in prisons. Read and listen here: ‘Basement imams’ spreading radical Islamism, Muslim prison chaplain warns  (For the rest of the series, click here and here.)

Here is a history teacher's perspective on the attacks, and trying to teach away antisemitism: French teacher on talking to students about Charlie Hebdo attacks

And if you feel the need to look/listen back, here is my report on the march on January 11: Nostalgia and scepticism of calls for unity at Paris Charlie Hebdo march
(I also produced a short report on the march for FSRN, which you can find here)

In other news...

Theses last few weeks have not been only about Charlie Hebdo, of course:

Heard of the Pink Tax? It's when products branded for women cost more than those aimed at men.

A bit of history: 40 years ago, abortion became legal in France. A doctor remembers.

Staying with the theme of this column, you'll have to listen to this piece about Wikicheese to find the woman angle!

For Martin Luther King, Jr, day, I asked French people if France needs a civil rights movement, and got some interesting answers.

As Syriza campaigned in Greece against austerity, the French left tried to jump on the bandwagon.

And... the right to be forgotten? France facing down Google over online privacy.

On the air elsewhere

My series on women doing men's work (and vice versa) was picked up by WAMC's 51%, which aired pieces in various shows over the last few months.
Paris fire brigade remains a man's world

As a firefighter in the Paris Fire Brigade, Lucille Morel adapts herself to what remains a very male world.
Rare male midwife warns profession at risk

Nicolas Dutriaux says the gender balance of his profession has lead to its marginalization.
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