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Wolves in Roquefort country

I recorded my latest piece for RFI in the region I spent most of my summers growing up. Aveyron is sheep country; it's where Roquefort cheese comes from.

And recently, it's the latest French department where wolves have been spotted.

While re-introducing wolves sounds like a good idea, to maintain ecological diversity, farmers say it is incompatible with their pastoral farming methods that they have developed over decades... without wolves. Take a listen here

From the archives...

As September is back-to-school, at least here in France, here is a piece I produced last year about university students welcoming refugee students. And then a trip to Congo, where I met the Kinshasa orchestra, back in 2013:

A refugee, but still a student

Some of the most vocal supporters of France's welcoming refugees are students. The ENS, one of France's most prestigious universities, started a visiting student program, which has become a model for others. Listen here.

A symphony in Kinshasa

The Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra has weathered the ups and downs of life in the DRC, from wars and coups, to the daily struggle of life in a chaotic and difficult city. It is committed to spreading classical music in DRC. Listen here.
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