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A new newsletter, and a new podcast project ! This one is in French: profiles of experimental music musicians and the programs they're presenting at the Infuse series. Take a look/listen below, and let us know what you think.

And as I announced last time, I've been producing a podcast about media freedom issues, called The Backstory. We now have 3 episodes up, and I encourage you to click through and give them a listen.

You'll of course find the stories I produced for RFI, which you can check out if you did not catch them when they aired.

Thanks for listening!

Infuse Présente: a new podcast (en français)

For the francophones on this list, I'm producing a podcast that gives a taste of experimental music through profiles of the performers at the Infuse concert series. (Full disclosure: Nissim is a co-director). The episodes are both a preview of the concerts and a document for those who can't make it or want to hear more, in the musicians' own words. Here's the podcast page and the RSS feed. Please subscribe, & spread the word!

French survivalists: self-sufficiency rather than guns 

Yes, there are survivalists in France, and they're worried about similar things as their American counterparts: natural disasters and social breakdowns. They stock food and build safe houses, but the European version is more focused on self-sufficiency, rather than barricades. Meet some of them here.

Black dolls on display in Paris museum, not always in stores

An exhibit of historical black dolls from the US made me wonder about diversity in children's toys in France. This piece is both a discussion of the exhibit, and the dolls in the collection, and an exploration of black dolls and toys in contemporary France. 
Listen here

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The Backstory: A media freedom podcast

I am producing The Backstory, a podcast that features interviews with journalists and editors drawing back the curtain on journalism for the general public and offering real-world experiences for professionals. Episodes 2 and 3 are up, about business models to maintain independence, and the impact of social media on journalism. And if you missed it, the first episode is about safety for journalists in the field. Take a listen, and if you can, subscribe (iTunes here).

Despite accessibility laws, disabled travel difficult in France

Paris is the most visited city in the world, but disabled travelers have a difficult time with streets and facilities not set up for wheelchairs or for the blind. Public buildings are legally required to be accessible, but speaking to promoters of tourism for disabled, it would seem that changes are slow to come. Take a listen here.

French journalism schools question how they select students

Journalism schools are the gatekeepers for entry into French journalism, as it's nearly impossible to get a job without a degree from one. But with hundreds of applicants each year, how do schools they choose? Some are rethinking their entrance exams to diversify their students, and the media. Listen here.

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