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After ten episodes (yes, 10!) of Spotlight on France, I figured it might be worth a newsletter :)

We've been working hard each week to try to give listeners a sense of France beyond what you might find in the English language media elsewhere. If you have not already heard the podcast, please take a listen (a few episodes below), and even better, if you subscribe to podcasts, please do so for Spotlight on France

Also below are some recent articles and the latest Infuse podcast profiles of musicians (in French).

Thanks for listening!

Spotlight on France, the podcast:

Episode 10: D-Day civilians speak, wolves in the firing line, football fever

D-Day commemorations focus on war veterans, but what about the civilians on the receiving end of the Allied bombing. Also, striking a balance between protecting farmers' livestock and the endagered wolf, whose numbers are increasing in France. And France discovers the excitement of women's football as host of its first Women's World Cup. Listen here.

Episode 9: Opioid addiction, French youth for climate, press freedom under threat

Unlike in the US, France does not have an opioid drug crisis - yet. Also, a student of environmental science talks about his conversion to climate activism, and how young French people are embracing the global Youth for Climate movement. Plus, investigations into French journalists: nine questioned in two weeks. Listen here.

Episode 8 Right to die, mental fallout at France Telecom, and rejecting your religion

A growing number of French Catholics are asking to be de-baptised in the wake of sex abuse scandals in the Church. Also, a heated debate over the right to die. And, an interview with the psychiatrist who introduced 'moral harassment' into the French labour code, and how it's being put to the test in the France Telecom trial. Listen here.

Episode 7: Yellow Vests on the campaign trail, France unprepared for climate change

Meet a Yellow Vest running for a seat in the European parliament. He's enthusiastic, but can the party federate the movement? Also, France is not prepared for the effects of climate change, says a new Senate report. And, is the Cannes film festival a platform to talk about film, or issues... or both? Listen here.

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Stories on the web:

Is CBD legal in France?

In some parts of the world CBD is everywhere: in beverages, beauty products, even in pet treats. But not in France, which has some of Europe’s strictest drug laws. French authorities have been cracking down on CBD sellers, but shops continue to pop up in what is seen as a lucrative market. Article here.

France: A problem with its president or its presidency?

French President Emmanuel Macron is set to unveil proposals on Thursday evening to address the issues raised by Yellow Vest protestswhich have lasted five months. He will have to address protestors’ calls for more representation in government. One analyst sees this as a necessary move forward for France. Article here.

France’s largest Facebook group driven by solidarity

"Wanted" is the largest Facebook group in France, where people regularly ask, and receive, advice and support. The group;s founders could have used the group’s success and size to make money. Instead, they are trying to foster a sense of solidarity that people are clearly craving in France, on and offline. Article here.

Climate activist on impact of youth movement in France

French youth came late to the Youth for Climate movement. But they are not less motivated.The first French climate school strike was staged in mid-March. Lois Mallet, 22, was part of the organisation. He is studying environmental science and policy. But growing up, he did not think much about the environment. Article here.

En français : Les musiciens d'Infuse parlent

Here are the latest profiles I've produced with musicians talking about working on experimental pieces. These are in French, so if you understand give it a listen (and even if not, there is some interesting music in there!)

Une communication précise et poétique

La flûtiste Shao-Wei Chou parle du travail très personnel sur la pièce « ... à... » de Mu-Xuan Lin, une compositrice avec qui elle partage un vécu similaire. Même avec des repaires en commun, en parlant la même langue, la communication entre interprète et compositrice n’est pas toujours directe.

Steve Reich à l'accordéon

Jean-Etienne Sotty (du duo d’accordéon XAMP) parle d’une lutte interne, entre la rigidité du tempo et une écoute active, pour réaliser les déphasages de Piano Phase de Steve Reich, à l’accordéon.
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