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Happy holidays from Paris! As 2017 comes to a close, take a listen to my latest pieces for RFI, and a couple of highlights from this year.

I have a couple of new projects in store for 2018, so stay tuned in this space...

Women changing the face of French politics... slowly

The French parliament has the most women it has ever had: 224 were elected in June, out of 577. But the French political landscape remains male, despite parity laws. I spoke to several women at a yearly conference for female politicians, about what is holding women back. Listen here.

Website to increase female experts in French media

Only about 20% of experts who appear in the media around the world. France is no exception. But a group of feminists is hoping to change that, by providing contact information to journalists, and offering training to female experts to be able to say yes to media requests. Click here to listen.

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New limits on Airbnb in Paris

Like Berlin, London and Barcelona, Paris has now put limits on the number of nights you can rent out your apartment on sites like Airbnb. The city says it's trying to keep housing for Parisians. Some owners welcome the new rules, others are skeptical it will change anything. Listen here for more.

French scientists struggle with integrity

Scientists around the world face a pressure to publish: their careers depend on publishing articles, and where they publish is key. This means there is a high incentive to cut corners. France is no exception. A new office of scientific integrity is supposed to help, but some say France is late to address the problem. Take a listen here.

Stories from 2017...

Lesbians in Senegal struggle to be heard


During my reporting trip to Senegal this spring, I met lesbians, who have trouble be accepted as gay in a culture that rejects homosexuality, but who also have trouble having their voices heard in the LGBT community dominated by men. I produced a piece for The World, here, and one in French for RFI, here.

Making cities safer for women benefits everyone


In reporting this piece, I learned about the idea of gender-based urban planning: fear often keeps women from spending time in public alone, and infrastructure can change this. In this piece, I met organizers of exploratory walks who use examples from around the world to encourage Paris to change. Listen here.

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