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Supported by the Democrat Congress, Biden seems dedicated to making Americans poorer, less free, and less safe; our country weaker; our enemies stronger; and the world a much more dangerous place. 
Middle income and poor Americans have been especially impacted by the Democrats’s actions.  Climate change doesn’t excuse the pain being inflicted on people.  Politicians who care about people would find a way to address concerns about people in 80 years without devastating people today.  Within 70 years of inventing airplanes, humans went to the moon.  If we do that, we can handle whatever is needed for climate change within 80 years.  
Around the country Democrat politicians are making our lives much more dangerous with their cashless bail policies, reducing charges against violent criminals, releasing criminals early from prison, and their open border allowing illegal aliens criminals to enter our country to victimize Americans including killing them with dangerous illegal drugs.
Biden’s Afghanistan debacle demonstrated weakness and lack of resolve which emboldened Putin to invade the Ukraine and is temping Xi to invade Taiwan.  Our support of the Ukraine, and Biden’s rejection of compromise to end the war, has resulted in WWII type destruction and our support is depleting our own military munitions jeopardizing our ability to stop aggression elsewhere or even defend ourselves.  
Biden has further weakened our ability to survive a real emergency by depleting our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to try to reduce the price of oil and gas before the election.  Saudi Arabia also revealed that Biden begged them to produce more oil at least until after our election, showing that Biden only cares about his own power, not the American people.  
You know there are many, many other ways that Biden and the Congressional Democrats are making Americans poorer, less free, and less safe; our country weaker, and our enemies stronger.  We need to take away Biden’s Congressional Support.  
If you haven’t voted already, make sure to VOTE tomorrow and take like-minded family and friends with you!
Thank you!
Don Ewing
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