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So far we have seen amazing projects from the San Luis Valley, Charter School, Western Slope, Southwest, 4 Corners, Pikes Peak, and Greater Denver Metro Regions!
Visit our homepage at to see the complete winners lists for every region.
We can't wait to see what our amazing students in our remaining regional contests have researched and produced!
(From left to right, then top to bottom) Winners at the Charter Region on February 24, winners at the Southwest Region on March 2, winners at the 4 Corners Region on March 3, winners at the Pikes Peak Region on March 3, participants awaiting results at the Western Slope Region on March 3, winners from the Greater Denver Metro Region on March 10.

The CCSS Annual Conference is a great opportunity for humanities educators across the State to learn and network. This year, along with a number of other fabulous presenters, National History Day in Colorado will be hosting a session entitled, "Promoting Civil Discourse Through History: Using Primary and Secondary Sources to Examine Competing Perspectives." Full event details below.

31st Colorado Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference Bridging the Divides: Civil Discourse in the 21st Century
In our democracy, institutions and social organizations are dependent upon differing perspectives coming together in pursuit of a common goal. Economic progress, social movements, historical points of view, and environmental considerations often create fractures among groups. This Spring, we will explore the role that social studies has in creating communities where competing ideas can be held and progress continues. Join the Colorado Council for Social Studies Annual conference Bridging the Divides: Civil Discourse in the 21st Century.

April 13, 2018
8:00 am -5:00 pm
History Colorado Center

This year, National History Day in Colorado is proud to introduce you to our digital intern, Samantha Register. Samantha is here to answer any and all of your History Day questions. 

She can be contacted at with emailed inquiries. If you would like to arrange a video chat with her, you can do so before 9:00 am and after 3:00 pm on Friday, but you must email her to make an appointment.
Crown Pointe Academy Team - Paula Worley, Bonnie Hughes, & Katie O'Connor

This month, we are featuring the History Day team at Crown Pointe Academy in Westminster. This is Crown Pointe's second year participating in History Day. The school has also hosted the Charter Regional for the last two years. The team includes Paula Worley, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and Middle School Rtl Coordinator, Bonnie Hughes, middle school social studies, and Katie O'Connor, 5th grade teacher. Worley is also the Regional Coordinator for the Charter Region. The team has implemented History Day in 5th through 8th grade, and they are incredible ambassadors for the program.

Paula Worley
Worley was introduced to History Day when she taught on the NET Team at North High School in DPS. There she helped implement the program for three years and took one of the freshman teams to Nationals. She credits Hughes and O'Connor as instrumental in bringing the progam to Crown Pointe.

Paula shared her favorite History Day memory: "My favorite History Day memory was when one of my 7th grade students got permission to call the Brown Palace for an interview. Their topic was the KKK in Colorado. They had their interview questions prepared ahead of time, they had permission to make the call--what could go wrong? I had to step out but our health teacher, totally unaware of what the phone conversation getting ready to take place was about, was there preparing for his class. This is what he hears... "Hello, my name is ____ and I am calling from Crown Pointe Academy. Can I please talk to someone there in the KKK!"--The Brown Palace simply hung up on my student, the teacher laughed out loud, and I learned a valuable lesson; 7th grade students need more guidance than we think at times! Prepare them for the whole interview, including how to ask for the person they are interviewing!"

Bonnie Hughes
This year is Bonnie's first year implementing History Day. She says that she has done a lot of learning along the way and that while she made a lot of mistakes, it was good for her students to see that. She emphasizes that "it helped them feel confident that they could overcome any mistakes they made." She is looking forward to implementing the program again next year.

On her biggest takeaway from participating in History Day: "My biggest take away was that students will engage when they feel like they are in control of some aspect of their learning.  While I don't believe every day can be a "History Day" style of learning, I have found myself looking for ways to get my students to buy into whatever we are doing.  I want them to feel like they are responsible for their learning on a higher level and I want them to take that responsibility on in more than just a project."  

Katie O'Connor
Katie implemented the NHDC Poster Contest with her fifth grade gifted and talented students this year after attending a History Day Teacher Training in the fall where she "was blown away by the passion and dedication to the craft that was on display."

On why she believes in History Day: "I saw my own students develop a respect and mastery of their topic through the process of creating their posters. I believe that this careful introspection and critical thinking about history is essential as citizens part of a global community. My fifth graders had the opportunity to not only study and learn about an historical topic, but were also able to interpret and examine their topic from a contextual point of view. They also acquired valuable tools such as the difference between utilizing primary and secondary sources, MLA formatting and the importance of developing a strong and concise thesis statement."

Congratulations Crown Pointe Team! We cannot wait to see your future successes.
This month's featured student is Crown Pointe Academy 8th grader, Greg Maes. This is his second year competing. Last year Maes competed in the exhibit category and this year he and his partner, Noah Linares, competed in the junior group documentary category with their project, "Technology and Communication." They placed first in the category at the Charter School Regional on February 24, and will be competing at the State Contest on May 5. 

Maes says, " I believe in History Day because it expands my knowledge in history and gives me a greater understanding of our Nation's past. I like that I get to learn and work at my own pace." He also adds that his biggest takeaway from the program is his new ability to analyze information and apply it to his current life. He shares that his favorite History Day moment "was staying after school for about 5 hours to put my final touches on my project because after I got my project finished, it was the best feeling in the world."

Great work, Greg! Good luck to you and Noah at State!
Exterior view of the historic Navarre building, home of the American Museum of Western Art--The Anschutz Collection
FEATURED Partner: American Museum of Western Art 
This month's featured partner is the American Museum of Western Art - The Anschutz Collection. If you have never seen this incredible collection, you are missing out. The floor to ceiling art on multiple floors in the beautiful and historic Navarre Building feature the likes of Albert Bierstadt, Ernest Blumenschein, John Marin, and many others. Deputy Director, Kristen Fong explains, "if you've ever heard the phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words," then you'll understand why the American Museum of Western Art asserts that the art on its walls does more that just illustrate a time or place in the history of the American West. The 300 paintings on view at the Museum serve as primary sources add context to major social, political, and cultural events, and provide an avenue to better understand artistic license and our own contemporary perspectives."

Using art as a primary source is often crucial to developing rich perspectives around historical events. Fong adds that this year's theme, Conflict and Compromise, "is emphasized through the paintings at AMWA." She says, "whether they depict grand landscapes, developments in agriculture, mining, and transportation, or indigenous peoples and settlement, the art on view works in tandem with National History Day in Colorado to explore the ideas, peoples, and character of a place in time and our national identity."

We are excited about this incredible partnership and look forward to connecting you all with this collection of artwork. The American Museum of Western Art is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.
William Tylee Ranney, The Last Shot (Trapper's Last Shot), c. 1850. The American Museum of Western Art--The Anschutz Collection.

NHDC WANTS YOU! Judging registration links for a number of Regional Contests, as well as the State Contest, are now open. It is never too early to sign up as a judge! Visit our website for more links to judge at Regional Contests around the state. Contact the Regional Coordinators for more information.

Aurora Contest
March 17
Anschutz Medical Campus

Boulder Contest
March 17
Southern Hills Middle School

Denver Regional Contest
April 7
History Colorado/Denver Art Museum

University of Colorado Denver 

Dates for in-person judge trainings are TBD. You can always view the ONLINE TRAINING and take the ONLINE QUIZ.

Every year, nearly 800 students compete in the National History Day in Colorado State Contest on the University of Colorado Denver campus. Held the first Saturday in May, this event draws nearly 3,000 students, parents, teachers, and other supporters.
Full, half, and quarter page ads available. Designs must be submitted by April 14.

Contact with inquiries.

When in doubt, cite it! Remember that you must cite ideas that are not yours, not just direct quotations. If something is not considered "textbook knowledge," you must cite it. For example, "Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader during the Civil Rights Movement" is considered textbook knowledge. You cannot reword someone else's ideas and claim them as your own. If you are unsure about whether or not you should cite something, go ahead and cite it!
A MESSAGE FROM OUR PARTNER: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is proud to host the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

The regional premiere of the Dead Sea Scrolls is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see authentic Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient manuscripts that include the oldest known Biblical documents dating back over 2,000 years. In addition, the largest collection of artifacts from Israel ever assembled for display will allow guests to explore the traditions, beliefs and iconic objects of ancient Israel that continue to impact world cultures today. There are over 500 authentic objects including inscriptions, weapons, terra cotta figures and remains of religious symbols.
The exhibit opens TODAY!
You can purchase tickets HERE.

The fourth-annual Colorado Experience Viewers’ Choice contest is officially under way! For those of you who don’t know, this contest asks for episode ideas from our viewers who then vote to decide a winner!
We’re already over half-way to last year’s all time high of submission ideas! Please feel free to submit your own idea and encourage friends, family, clients, donors, etc to participate in this fun, engaging campaign! Submissions will be accepted through today and we open it up for voting on March 21.

to submit and vote.

4th and 5th grade students are welcome to participate in History Day through the Elementary Poster Contest. Students complete posters, a scaled-down version of the Exhibit category, on the next year's theme (Triumph & Tragedy) and on a Colorado topic. Teachers hold in-school contests and the top three posters will be displayed at museums around the state on Colorado Day, August 1st, to kick-off our contest year. 
Register your Class HERE

Register by March 30

NHDC is again offering a number of supplementary opportunities for students during the State Contest. Please note that these contests are NOT just for State Qualifiers. Anyone who completed a project during the 2018 contest cycle can apply.

T-Shirt Design Contest
Students have the opportunity to design the t-shirt that will be given out to State Contest participants. 
Designs Due: April 2
More Details

Button Design Contest
Students design the button that will be traded at the National Contest with participants from around the country and world.
Designs Due: April 2
More Details

CU Denver Scholarship
In cooperation with the University of Colorado Denver, National History Day in Colorado is pleased to offer an opportunity for all NHDC Juniors to apply for a one-time scholarship of $1,500 to CU Denver. This opportunity is available to anyone who has ever participated in History Day.
Applications Due: April 2
More Details
Students are encouraged to consider one of our many State Contest special awards, sponsored by our wonderful cultural partners. View our entire list of cultural partners for research and resource ideas on our WEBSITE.
  • Molly Brown Legacy Award – Sponsored by the Molly Brown House
  • Best Use of Geography – Sponsored by the Colorado Geographic Alliance
  • Best Use of Primary Sources in a Paper – Sponsored by the Department of History, University of Colorado Denver
  • Best Group Project on Colorado History – Sponsored by Governor John Hickenlooper's office        
  • Best Entry on Chicano History – Sponsored by History Colorado
  • Best Project on a Telecommunications Topic – Sponsored by Telecommunications History Group
  • Best Project on a Topic Related to William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody – Sponsored by the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave
  • Best Project on Transportation History – Sponsored by Forney Museum of Transportation
  • Best Project on Western History – Sponsored by Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, Brigham Young University
  • Best Senior Paper on Colorado History – Sponsored by the Denver Westerners Posse
  • Best Use of Library of Congress Materials – Sponsored by Teaching with Primary Sources Colorado
  • Most Creative Exhibit – Sponsored by the Optimist Club of South Monaco
  • Best Essay on Western History – Sponsored by the Center of the American West at CU Boulder
  • Best Project related to Suffrage  – Sponsored by the League of Women Voters
  • Best Use of Primary Sources on a Colorado Topic – Sponsored by the Colorado State Archives
  • Colorado Experience Best in Show Documentary – Sponsored by Rocky Mountain PBS- Colorado Experience
  • Governor’s Residence Award – Sponsored by Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund
  • Best Project on Veterans' History Sponsored by the Honor Bell Foundation
  • Performance that exemplifies the American's Creed – Sponsored by Frances Wisebart Jacob DAR
for the 2018 STATE CONTEST

MAY 5, 2018


for the 5th Annual NHDC Fundraising Event


for the NHDC Teacher Training

SEPTEMBER 13-14, 2018

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