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Regional contest season is officially a wrap! We saw some amazing projects this year, and are looking forward to a competitive State Contest on May 5!

Visit our homepage at to see the complete winners lists for every region.
(From left to right, then top to bottom) Winners at the Aurora Region on March 17, winners at the Boulder Region on March 17, winners at the Greeley Region on March 24, winners at the Central Plains Region on March 30, winners at the Pueblo Region on March 31, winners at the Steamboat Springs Region on March 31, winners at the Denver Region on April 7.
Richard Diehl

This month's featured teacher is Richard Diehl of Rocky Heights Middle School. Mr. Diehl has been implementing History Day in his classroom for five years, and had an incredible showing this year at the Greater Denver Metro Regional Contest, with several students moving on to the State Contest. 

Mr. Diehl believes in History Day as be finds it to be one of the best learning opportunities for his students. He says "not a week goes by that I do not have a former student contact me thanking me for "making" them do NHD. They tell me their research and argumentation skills have benefitted greatly from doing NHD" and that they are excelling in their high school classes. Of his biggest takeaway from History Day, Diehl says it's the resiliency and perseverance his students show as they work on their projects and become historians. He adds that "at the end of their NHD journeys, our kids are honestly the foremost experts on their topics... and that is a powerful feeling for a 14-year old." When reflecting over the many students he has had in History Day, Diehl says that he has many great memories. His favorite though was one particular "superstar group" that spent every moment of their free time working on their NHD project. They made it to finals at State and ended up placing third, just out of a qualifying position to attend Nationals. Diehl says, "I remember hanging my head, just knowing that my kids worked so hard on their project and trying to come up with the words to console them. Before I could pick my head up, I felt this hand on my shoulder... it was one of my students and she said, "Mr. Diehl, it's okay, don't be sad, we tried out hardest!" Here was a 14 year old consoling me, a grown man, I am sure it was a sight to behold."

Mr. Diehl dedication to NHD is inspring. We at the State Office have witnessed first hand the way he instills motivation and a love for history in his students. Thank Mr. Diehl for being an incredible advocate for History Day!
This month's featured student is Sarah Ridlen, a student of Mr. Diehl's at Rocky Heights Middle School. This is Sarah's first year participating in NHD and she along with her group members Mckenzie Kelsay and Zoe Henningsen qualified for the State Contest with their junior documentary, "Jim Crow Laws and Segregation: The Failed Compromise of 1877."

On why she believes in History Day, Ridlen says that studying history can educate us about both past leaders and villains, and "is a guide of what we should do and a warning of what we shouldn't do." She adds, "my topic has educated me about civil rights and has made me a better person." She emphasizes that is has also made her better and at time management and responsibility, helping her in all her classes. On her biggest takeaway from participating, Ridlen emphasizes, "I have a newfound respect for my topic and the issues that we face today. I believe in being educated and in equality." She says her favorite memory is the whole experience, and adds "our teacher, Mr. Diehl is a little obsessed with History Day. We learned about History Day the second week of school... Mr. Diehl is probably the History Day teacher of the year."

Good luck at the State Contest, Sarah! We cannot wait to see your future History Day successes!
FEATURED PARTNER: Jason Bushman, PostNet
This month's featured partner is a unique one. Mr. Jason Bushman, owner of PostNet stores in Lafayette and Denver, is the man behind all of our printed materials, from brochures to teacher handbooks to the State Contest program. He does incredible work and he does it FAST, which is very important when it comes to the quick turn-around that History Day sometimes demands.

Bushman has been providing all or our printed materials since January of 2015. He values his partnership with History Day, as he believes that "one of the best ways to understand those around us is through our histories, whether it is my Irish railroad boss great-grandfather, or my German immigrant indentured servant great-great-grandmother, we learn more of who we are through our fore bears." He adds that "the same holds true for communities, if we divorce ourselves from the past, we are set adrift from the anchors of our traditions and cultures. I feel we can only truly understand ourselves if we know our history," and he believes that History Day provides the students a "better tool to view events and topics of our current day." Bushman says that he is always amazed by the entries he sees, as they demonstrate such creativity and interesting points of view. Speaking of creativity, regarding his favorite History Day memory, Bushman says "I really enjoyed the challenge of packaging and shipping a Model T car and Ford presentation to Nationals."

Thank you for all your do for us! We could not do it without you!
for the 2018 STATE CONTEST

MAY 5, 2018


for the 5th Annual NHDC Fundraising Event


for the NHDC Teacher Training

SEPTEMBER 13-14, 2018


NHDC WANTS YOU! State Contest is fast approaching. Sign up today!

University of Colorado Denver 

In-person judge training is April 23 from 5:30-6:30 in the Boettcher Conference Room in the Student Commons Building on the University of Colorado Denver campus (1201 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80204). You can always view the ONLINE TRAINING and take the ONLINE QUIZ.

When writing an historical paper, remember that each body paragraph should focus on one idea or aspect of supporting your argument. For example, if discussing the women's suffrage movement in the United States, a body paragraph might focus on the Seneca Falls Convention using the Declaration of Sentiments as a piece of primary source evidence. This paragraph should introduce the topic, provide evidence, provide a sentence analyzing that evidence, and then link that paragraph's arguement back to your thesis. Remember MEAL--Main Ideas, Evidence, Analysis, Link!
A MESSAGE FROM OUR PARTNER: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is proud to host the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

The regional premiere of the Dead Sea Scrolls is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see authentic Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient manuscripts that include the oldest known Biblical documents dating back over 2,000 years. In addition, the largest collection of artifacts from Israel ever assembled for display will allow guests to explore the traditions, beliefs and iconic objects of ancient Israel that continue to impact world cultures today. There are over 500 authentic objects including inscriptions, weapons, terra cotta figures and remains of religious symbols.
The exhibit is now open!
You can purchase tickets HERE.
A MESSAGE FROM OUR PARTNERS: American Museum of Western Art--Anschutz Collection & Teaching with Primary Sources

This Summer AMWA will collaborate with Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region to host the 2nd annual TPS Summer Institute in Denver. 

This FREE curriculum-building two-day workshop will focus around integrating the artwork at AMWA with Library of Congress primary sources and strategies. We will look at various subject areas, including Social Studies, Language Arts, Arts and Humanities, STEM, and other content areas.

Bring your colleagues and PLCs to collaborate on primary source integration!

When: June 21 & 22, 2018
Where: Denver, CO
Who should apply: K-12 Teachers, Librarians, and Educators at large. All grade levels and curricular areas welcome.
What you will learn: Engaging, innovative, and effective primary source strategies for the K-12 classroom.

Participants will recieve:

  • Limited number of stipends available to help with travel costs 
  • Library of Congress resources and strategies 
  • 16 hour re-certification credit 
  • One hour optional grad credit available  
  • Breakfast and lunch provided

4th and 5th grade students are welcome to participate in History Day through the Elementary Poster Contest. Students complete posters, a scaled-down version of the Exhibit category, on the next year's theme (Triumph & Tragedy) and on a Colorado topic. Teachers hold in-school contests and the top three posters will be displayed at museums around the state on Colorado Day, August 1st, to kick-off our contest year. 
Register your Class HERE

Last change for registration!
Register today!
Students are encouraged to consider one of our many State Contest special awards, sponsored by our wonderful cultural partners. View our entire list of cultural partners for research and resource ideas on our WEBSITE.
  • Molly Brown Legacy Award – Sponsored by the Molly Brown House
  • Best Use of Geography – Sponsored by the Colorado Geographic Alliance
  • Best Use of Primary Sources in a Paper – Sponsored by the Department of History, University of Colorado Denver
  • Best Group Project on Colorado History – Sponsored by Governor John Hickenlooper's office        
  • Best Entry on Chicano History – Sponsored by History Colorado
  • Best Project on a Telecommunications Topic – Sponsored by Telecommunications History Group
  • Best Project on a Topic Related to William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody – Sponsored by the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave
  • Best Project on Transportation History – Sponsored by Forney Museum of Transportation
  • Best Project on Western History – Sponsored by Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, Brigham Young University
  • Best Senior Paper on Colorado History – Sponsored by the Denver Westerners Posse
  • Best Use of Library of Congress Materials – Sponsored by Teaching with Primary Sources Colorado
  • Most Creative Exhibit – Sponsored by the Optimist Club of South Monaco
  • Best Essay on Western History – Sponsored by the Center of the American West at CU Boulder
  • Best Project related to Suffrage  – Sponsored by the League of Women Voters
  • Best Use of Primary Sources on a Colorado Topic – Sponsored by the Colorado State Archives
  • Colorado Experience Best in Show Documentary – Sponsored by Rocky Mountain PBS- Colorado Experience
  • Governor’s Residence Award – Sponsored by Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund
  • Best Project on Veterans' History Sponsored by the Honor Bell Foundation
  • Performance that exemplifies the American's Creed – Sponsored by Frances Wisebart Jacob DAR
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