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Welcome to 2019 and to our January collection of articles and ideas for clever business owners and operators.

It's going to be a big year ahead and for many business operators full of opportunity and growth. For the team at Rankin Business Lawyers we are excited for all that 2019 will bring. Whatever it is that you want to achieve this year, let's get started early, apply ourselves and get the most of what this new year has to offer!

Your IP needs lovin’ too!

The new year is upon us and, as is the case with many business owners returning to the office, the perspective provided by some sunshine and time away prompts a fervour of enthusiasm for new projects or maybe some action on long-delayed but necessary house-keeping.

Often the focus is on securing new talent and resources or perhaps even taking the plunge on an overdue capital expenditure in order to ensure you’re well equipped for the year ahead.

The objective of such action is often to maintaining assets of the business and promote continued growth. However, often just as valid a consideration should be whether the business is ensuring it is protecting and best leveraging its intangible assets such as valuable Intellectual Property (IP).

IP protection is not set and forget. It needs recurring attention, nurturing and often some tender loving care.

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Underpaying your employees may cost you more than you think

Underpaying your employees, knowingly or not, could cost your business more than you think. In addition to back paying your employees, you may be ordered to pay a penalty.

Employers need to be careful when paying their employees a flat wage or salary to compensate them for award entitlements (i.e. overtime rates, penalty rates, allowances and loadings). It is not enough to simply state in an employment agreement that an employee’s salary is in excess of all award entitlements and that the employee’s remuneration is in satisfaction of, and can be used to set-off, all entitlements under any award or other instruments. This must actually be the case and employers need to be able to demonstrate how the employee is better off overall.

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No BS, flexibile working (even for our admin team!)

At Rankin, no BS, we have true flexible working arrangements. When supported by contemporary IT your work and life are seamlessly integrated. You choose when, how and where you work and play.

Our very own Mission Controller, Holly Bailey, gives us a first-hand account of how working in a flexible environment
means not having to miss out on the things that are important to her.

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Adhering to dress codes in 2019

Admittedly this article has nothing to do with law. It is also not thought provoking or significant. Not dressing to code is, however, one of her bugbears which is why our Senior Associate, Rachel Derrico has insisted that this article be posted nonetheless.

If you, like some of our colleagues, have suffered with the dreaded ‘dress code embarrassment’. Not for getting the dress code wrong, but for getting it right and being a minority in the room, then you're not alone!

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