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    The common perception this time of year is that we are slowing down.  While that is true in a sense, less hours and such, it really means that things are speeding up.  The compression of the schedule due to the end of the season along with Daylight Savings Time combine to make every hour count.  We’re working hard to get things done.
    We are changing over to the fall leaf removal schedule on Monday, 10/29, so we will be coming around less often with the last time the week after Thanksgiving.  We will also be slowly cutting down the plants in the gardens over the next several visits.  The rule of thumb is if it will stand up over winter, we leave it up.
    People also think the design/install season is over.  That is not true.  We can keep planting until Thanksgiving and doing paving work until the ground freezes.  This year a lot of people are replacing their old, faded concrete pavers with a natural stone or clay paver.  Take a look at the photos in our Design Update below for some examples of this work.  If you have been thinking of making a change, don’t wait until the spring when it’s busy and raining, do it now.
Service Update - FALL LEAF REMOVAL

We will be switching over to fall leaf removal service on Monday, October 29th.  You will no longer have a routine day each week. It takes crews longer to get through the routes, approximately every other week with the last visit the week after Thanksgiving.  You will have a total of 3 visits.

During these visits we will be slowly cutting down the plants in the gardens and removing debris from the flower beds. The annuals and succulents are the first to go.  The rule of thumb is if it will stand up over winter, we leave it up.
Plant Update
The fungus problem was huge this year and we are now seeing the grub damage caused by the hot and dry weather in July. Grub treatment isn't as effective if it isn't watered well into the turf when applied.  We had 28 days above 90 degrees and the driest July in recent memory.  This means the grass took a hit.
As for the fungus, I have found a treatment that should work and not cause an ecological catastrophe in the soil (traditional fungicides are expensive, kill all the soil bacteria, and cause more problems than they solve).  It will be an additional granular application but well worth it. The product is called GreensGUARD and it is sourced from our organic turf vendor, BioGreen.  

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GUTTER CLEANING- Gutter cleaning is done the week of Thanksgiving.  It’s $100 a man hour with a $115 minimum charge.

PLANTINGNow is the perfect time to plant; sod, shrubs, and trees.

This is also a good time to fix, repair, or replace your old, worn out concrete pavers. Replacing them with natural stone or clay pavers will bring new color and life to your walkways or outdoor entertaining space! You can get a brand-new bluestone patio for under $19 per sq.ft.  Clay pavers for as cheap as $13 a sq.ft.  Let us get it done now so you can enjoy it first thing next spring!


SNOW PLOWING- We charge a $65 minimum or $225 per crew hour, whichever is greater.  This usually covers a typical home for the majority of snow events (approximately 20 minutes of crew service.)
Below are photos of recent jobs.  All three new front walkways replaced old concrete pavers.  Natural stone or clay pavers were used to update these properties.  Fire pits are still a popular addition to backyards.  All of this work can continue to be done into December.
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