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A Message from Tom
August is always a slow month but once school starts things really pick up!  The week after Labor Day is one of the busiest for us in the office.  People are home from vacation getting focused.  It’s funny how ‘back to school’ really means ‘back to work’.  It is also when the landscapes start to look a little faded and long in the tooth. But fear not, Eric will be coming around to our full-service maintenance customers do his site inspection with recommendations for improvements to the landscapes.  It’s a great way to refresh things for a reasonable price (Non-maintenance customers can also request this service).  Normally, the recommendations are between $2,000 to $6,000.  Larger projects can also be envisioned at this time.  The reason we do the inspections now is because September is a great time to do the gardening part of landscaping.  You’ve spent time in the landscape and know what’s working and where the problems are.  Plus, the plants are getting ready for winter.  That means we can transplant and split perennials, aggressively pruning back shrubs, establish new grass, and plant just about anything.  The best part is we can now plant bulbs too!
Back to School! 
Ben - Sixth Grade, Greta - Third Grade
Service Update...Looking Ahead
  • In September we start the large design and install jobs that take months to plan.  We also replace trees and shrubs, do lawn renovations, general gardening, and install Mums.
  • In October we continue the larger landscaping jobs, install bulbs and transition to fall leaf removal. Snow contracts will arrive in your mail (if you have had this service in the past).
  • In November we install sod.  The grass is asleep and does great the next year.
  • November is also the best month for starting ‘phased’ landscapes.  We get the hardscaping in before the ground freezes and are ready in the spring to install the vegetation.  It’s a perfect sequence that helps with budgeting.
  • In December we finish the maintenance and start the holiday lighting and snow plowing. 


Design & Install Update

This amazing backyard oasis is almost finished.  The materials chosen for this project compliment the stone and brick on the home.  Granite countertops arrive this week and the custom made pergola will be going in as soon as it is delivered from the factory.    We see in ILCA Design & Install award in our future for this one!  Please keep us in mind for your backyard renovation!
Plant Update
Fungus in the grass is a huge problem this year; especially in irrigated lawns.  (See photo below.) It is literally everywhere.  With the recent rains and heat, the conditions aren't improving. When you see brown patches or long skinny dead trails; stop watering and wait it out.  Fungus likes heat and moisture so the hot nights with damp lawns create a perfect breeding ground.  As soon as the local conditions change the bloom will recede and the fungus will no longer be a problem.  The core aeration in August will help alleviate the problem.  There is a treatment, but it requires multiple applications, is pricey and often kills everything in the soil, including the good things we want to keep in there. 
Nut-sedge is the another common problem right now. It is a tall and skinny weed with a light green color.  It generally shows up in low lying areas of over-irrigated lawns or near curbs and driveways.  It is a bulb, so we can spray it with a chemical to kill the leaves but if the wet conditions persist, it will come back next year.  The solution is to change the saturated condition.
From the Office

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