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Summer at the Robin in 2016


We're in the middle of investigating new uses for the Robin. There are some really positive options for partnership (some local, and some further away) but all are at the early stages. We're hoping to have something more definite in September, so watch this space.

We've also had another fantastic visit from Spain. Pilar Quelle, voyager aboard María, and widow of sailor Roberto Méndez visited at the end of June with her son José , his wife Mari and their boys.
Pilar stayed with her husband aboard the Maria (as the SS Robin was called in Spain) in the late 1960s. Her husband Roberto was a stoker, and because of his busy work, Pilar moved onto the Maria for a month to stay with him. There were two other ladies on board at that time too, both wives of other crew members. Due to the presence of ladies on ships being restricted at that time in Spain,they had to hide when near to military vessels.

It was a privilege showing Pilar around and she helped with our knowledge of the Robin in Spain.

The Robin also appeared at the Town House in Spitalfields in paint form- as one of Doreen Fletcher's excellent pictures of the East End.

We're still doing our monthly tours, so get in touch if you're about and would like a look at the end of August or September.

A cover for some newly exposed piping (thanks to Andrew Christy for the photo)
Pilar and her family visit the Robin
Coming up...

If you would like to visit the SS Robin, we have a tour day on 30 August.

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