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Great Lakes Commons

Busy times making a Great Lakes Commons this summer.

We've been hosting events and participating in various conferences -- with more to come in the next few months. We'd love to see you in person.

On August 21, we are presenting at the 4-day People's Social Forum in Ottawa Ontario and connecting with many others working on environmental and social justice.

September 9th to the 11th is the Great Lakes Restoration Conference in Grand Rapids Michigan, with GLC supporters hosting a session called: Galvanizing Citywide Stewardship: Milwaukee Water Commons.  

From October 3rd to the 6th, we are at the Living Waters Rally in Ottawa Ontario to share the water-commons approach with more water stewardship groups.

August 3rd was one of our biggest recent events at the We Are Water celebration in Milwaukee. For all the photos and stories on this event and all our recent efforts, visit our blog.

There are many new stories on the Great Lakes Commons Map from Lake Erie, Huron, and Michigan. See them and add your own on this collaborative knowledge map. 


On June 19th we launched the Great Lakes Commons Charter. A collaborative and visionary agreement based on the water's boundaries, First Nations treaties, and gift-duty bonds that affirm water as a living and shared commons. 

If you haven't read the Declaration yet, below is a sample of what we are embarking on. We are now asking you to add your name and support to this Charter

Moved by a hope that we can yet create a thriving and life sustaining future for our Lakes, we step forward to take up our responsibility to care for and act on behalf of these waters, our Great Lakes Commons. Seeing that the health of our waters is intertwined with our own health and that of generations yet to come, we are called to assert a deeper connection and more powerful role in the future of our waters.

We hereby set forth the Great Lakes Commons Charter, a living document that affirms and empowers the wisdom and rightful role of the people of the Lakes as stewards of our waters.

We are asking you to support this Commons Charter, share with your networks, and work to make this Charter alive in your life.

We are updating a map and list of our supporters to demonstrate this collective support and growing community of Great Lakes commoners. You can read and support the Charter here.
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