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Continuing the Conversation: Islam 

I hope you all remember a few weeks ago with Brother Moji Agha was with us in worship. If you missed him in worship, he's an Iranian Sufi monk who says as often as possible, "Violence is not Islam."

If you were intrigued by what he said when he was with us for worship, consider two more opportunities coming up:
  • Tonight, February 25, 7 p.m.: Circle of Nonviolence
  • March 3, 6:30 p.m.: Forum on Islamic Nonviolence
The first opportunity is a community building effort. Think of it like this: the most peaceful thing we can do is figure out what the community around us needs and respond to that need. Moji is promoting these circles with people whom he meets at his different speaking engagements.

The second opportunity is a discussion led by Moji about Islam's call to nonviolence. 

I have written about my encounters with Muslims before. All good. Some holy. Some wonderfully ordinary.  Most of you will recall the story of the Good Samaritan, when an unlikely person helped the man who had been beaten and left for dead. A few weeks ago, I read this retelling of the story, which I highly recommend to you. I think of this parable. I think of Jesus' command to "Love your neighbor" and then his throwing open the definitely of neighbor to a beautifully wide sea of people. 

Am I convinced Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Yes. Do I hear the echo of the Abrahamic Covenant often? Yes. But more than anything, when I think of our Muslim neighbors, their vulnerability and vilification, I am convinced that it is a holy, Christ-breathed response to say, "You are my neighbor." 

Please share these opportunities with your friends and neighbors. Please hold our Muslim neighbors in your prayers. Please hold the hope near to your heart: peace.

Christ's peace to you--

Rev. Abby

Celebrating 90 Years

You're invited to Dee Lobdell's 90th Birthday Party! Join us Sunday, March 6th after worship for a special celebration hosted by her family to honor Dee. If you can't make the party, you can send birthday cards to Christie Raney (4660 S. Ranger Ct. Gilbert, AZ  85297) or the church office (15303 S. Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ 85295). She'll get them either way. 


Spring Youth Retreat

The Regional Spring Youth Retreat for CYF (grades 9-12) and Chi Rho (grades 6-8) will be held March 5th-6th at First Christian Church of Scottsdale. The cost for the event is $25. You can download registration forms here.

Most importantly, tell the office you're going

Lent 2016

Just a reminder: to participate in our churchwide Lenten discipline, you can download your calendar nowThere are still plenty of coin boxes available at church. You can take as many as you like. 

You're also invited to participate in our photo-a-day challenge on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can pick up a copy of that challenge on Sunday, too, or download one that can be shared via all those social media platforms. 

March Birthdays 

3/6 Dee Lobdell
3/8 Brayden Corner
3/27 Kayley Geisert


3/7 Marilyn & Robert Howard


Serving in Worship February 28th

    Rev. Abigail                Conley
Elder: Pat Barton
Janis Barnes & Jim Hatfield
    Bill Carter
     Kelly Pearson & Scotty Pearson


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A Few Notes 
  • We will be hosting IHELP this Saturday at 6:00 pm. Carol Grisez’s sorority will be providing food.  If you’d like to help serve contact Kathy Corner.          
  •  We need a Grass Raker. Yes, the grass is fake, but to keep it standing up and looking like it’s real, it needs to be raked regularly. If you’re willing to lend a hand, please contact Brayden Corner.