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Help wanted
If you've had problems joining the forums...
We launched our front page! See YOUR name in lights!
Goodbye to many bugs. We've updated our software.
Welcome ASurvivor, our newest moderator
Buy cool ( branded stuff!
We added two awesome new forums
We're networking, socially
How can you promote Disaster.Com? Check this out!
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You've show interest in Disaster.Com. You've seen how we can help. Our motto is "Get help, Give help", and right now we'd love your help. More information on each of these needs is below, so please give us 3 minutes of your time and read on.
Post a thread a day, or even just 2-3 a week
Let people know we exist and help drive membership
Volunteer to help expand, enhance, publicise, or moderate


The site is only useful if you participate, so we really need you to post messages and topics. Can you post a message a day, or even just 2-3 a week? 

Without people making new posts or commenting on existing ones, communities die. New members don't join. I created this site to help people, and I really don't want to see it go away. Let's keep the momentum going.

A few of Our Forums

Driving Membership

Unless people know we're here, we're not going to help anyone. When YOU are affected by a disaster or crises, you'll want people here to listen. Please share this email with others, and post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other places about the fact that we exist.

Volunteering to help Disaster.Com

If you have ANY time to help, we’d love to have your assistance! The site owner, along with two wonderful volunteers, is managing every aspect of the site, and when time permits – participating.  This is WAY too much for one person to handle.
➺ Website Link Requests
➺ Site Promotion
➺ Article Writing
➺ Product Reviews
➺ Thread Starting
➺ Moderation
➺ Design/Programming
➺ Technology
More Information on Volunteering

If You Are Having Problems...

We're here to help you. If you didn't click on your activation link to join the forums within 48 hours of receiving it, it may not work. We want you to participate! If you have had problems and would like to join, just drop us an email to with the forum name you selected, and we'll get you activated. If you're having other problems, feel free to e-mail us too!

We Launched our Front Page!

(see your name in lights)

Phase one of Disaster.Com was getting the forums launched. We did that, and we're excited to see how quickly they are taking off! Phase two was adding a real front page to the site where we could highlight articles and information that are helpful to our users, and provide interesting topics to discuss. Well, we've now done that too!

Now we're looking for people to write articles. We're open to pretty much any topic that's related to the site - disaster preparedness, technology, response, selecting charities, resource lists, personal experience stories. If you have an interest in writing an article, and getting a nice "Writer" tag in the forums along with a byline and author page on our site - and hopefully helping people with the information you provide, contact us write away (we know that's supposed to be "right away", but couldn't help the pun) by filling out our volunteer form.

We've Upgraded Our Software

Say goodbye to a lot of bugs as we've upgraded our software to the latest and greatest revision of vBulletin. Intermittent problems such as losing messages, and interface issues such as losing line breaks and editing posts and avatars on mobile devices should be fixed. Pagination has been added to the bottom of most pages so you don't have to go to the top of the page to move forward, and many other small bugs and fixes have occurred. I know it doesn't seem like much, but the easier it is for you to use our software, the more you can focus on participating in the forums.

Welcome ASurvivor - Our Newest Moderator

We'd like to extend a warm welcome and thank you to ASurvivor, our newest moderator at Disaster.Com, joining Hildegarde and Fareakyman. To become a moderator, you first have to show that you add value to the site through posting content and participating in conversations. ASurvivor quickly racked up 170 reputation points with only 220 posts - showing that YOU, our members, are interested in what he's saying. Being a moderator makes you an ambassador for Disaster.Com, and takes a dedication of time and patience to review posts at our rapidly growing community and ensure it remains a positive and helpful resource. If you're interested in becoming a moderator, please let us know by filling out the volunteer form.

Buy Cool Stuff!

We've opened a store at Cafe Press to sell Disaster.Com branded items - from men's and women's t-shirts, to magnets, to beach bags, to hoodies. Every item is marked up exactly $5 over our cost, and all proceeds will be used to support this site.

Check out our store

Two Awesome New Forums!

We've received a lot of requests from members to continue to expand our forums and provide places for new types of topics. We're pleased to let you know that we've created two new forums for you to participate in - the Potential Disasters or Crises forum and the Personal Experiences forum.

If we're under threat of severe weather, fires, terrorism or an upcoming biological crisis, but it may or may not actually occur, you can now post and discuss these topics in the Potential Disasters or Crises forum. In the Personal Experiences forum we hope to hear from those of you who have experienced disasters and crises firsthand and are willing to share the experiences - and the lessons learned.

We're Networking, Socially

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. We'll post updates, news and information on these sites, so if you don't visit us regularly you may see something there that interests you.
Google Plus

Promoting Disaster.Com

We put together a really cool page that makes it really easy to promote the fact that Disaster.Com exists. If you visit you'll see three ways to let people know we're here. 

The first is posting on Craigslist, and we've provided you with the instructions and code to make that happen. 

The second is a flyer you can post at events, coffee shops, mini-marts or other places where people might be interested.

The third is through linking, and we've provided you with all sorts of graphics, sizes and code you can copy and paste into your site to provide an attractive, and very helpful link!

Show us proof that you've done one or more of these things and we'll give you a great "Promoter" badge in the forums!

Advertise With Us

This site is supported out of the personal pocket of the site owner (Labatt). If you would like to advertise your company, product or service to our growing membership, please let us know.

Advertising Information

Extra! Extra!

We've included a few links to recent topics and helpful articles.  If you are interested in writing an article for the site on some topic (preparedness, communications, giving or any other disaster or crises related topic) please let us know by filling out the volunteer form. We'll give you a special writer badge to reflect your status at Disaster.Com.
Your home is destroyed, along with your identification and valuables. You need to file a claim with the insurance company, but you don't even have your policy number. You do have Internet, however, so here's what you do.  Read More...
FEMA has announced that September is the National Preparedness Month, and they will be putting information on their website all of this month to help people be prepared if an unexpected disaster should strike their area.   Read More...
We're excited to have Jerry Young, a renowned Prepper and writer, participating at Disaster.Com. Here's a great post he made about what he puts on his disaster list.   Read More...
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