It's time for a change!

Were we ever really that young??
When I had just got engaged and moved into my soon-to-be husband's house, I got laid off from my job as a Marketing Manager at a bank.

When I got over the initial shock, I realized that it had opened a wonderful opportunity for me. 

My fiancé, a professor, was due for his first sabbatical leave. (During a sabbatical professors can go and do research at other universities for a year. Here's an article I wrote about sabbaticals a while ago.) 
So I had a choice: find a new career-related job, or take off to Europe for a year. Guess which I chose!

We had an amazing year, and I've kept my career flexible ever since, so I could easily seize opportunities like that. I could have earned more if I'd stayed in the corporate world, but travel and being my own boss were worth the trade off for me. 
We've just started another sabbatical, and this time, since our kids won't be with us, we won't settle in one place for a whole school year. 

Here's my crazy sabbatical travel schedule:

  • In May I was in Edmonton, New Orleans, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver
  • Now to June 9, 2018 - Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  • June 11 - 15 - Edmonton
  • June 17 - 20 - Las Vegas
  • June 21 - 23 - back to Edmonton
  • June 24 - July 8 - Stockholm, Sweden
  • July 9 - mid-October - London, UK
  • mid-October - mid-November - Argentina
  • mid-November - mid-February (2019) - Lima, Peru
  • late February 2019 - Costa Rica
  • March - May 2019 - Vancouver, Canada
  • June - Aug 2019 - Either Perth, Australia or Pau, France
In each of these places I'll be researching customer experience in that part of the world, so I plan to share many experiences with you. I'll also be speaking and teaching whenever possible, and working on my next book.

If you are going to be in any of those places at times that overlap with mine, let me know; I'd love to meet up!

I'm also looking for more opportunities to speak and teach in those (or nearby) places, so if you know of any companies or conferences that are looking for a speaker their audience hasn't already heard, please introduce us. Thanks!

During my travels I'll be using this newsletter to update you on what I'm learning about global customer-experience (and tell you a bit about how I'm experiencing it!). Of course you'll still get the Frank Reactions blog and podcast updates too. 

What About You?

What's on your agenda for the coming months? 

What do you WISH were on your agenda for the coming months? 

Hit Reply and let me know your answers to those questions. Maybe it is more possible than you think. I'd happily help you explore how you can do more of wha
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