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"Grass Trees" trail (and others) marked to be closed. It's time to show your support for your local trails! 

This track, popularly known as "Grass Trees", is a local favourite due to it's great flowing nature. But it's now marked to be closed in the Parks Victoria Eumeralla Track Proposal. Many tracks suitable for youngsters & beginners are also marked to be closed. Have your say!

Want more background? We've included that at the end. Let's get to the nuts & bolts. 

Our formal response to the proposal has been submitted. If you're time poor, you can read the summary! 

How can you help? 

The more responses received by Parks Victoria in support of the trail network, the more trails we'll likely retain. So, please:

  1. Feedback to Parks Victoria using their feedback form located at the bottom of their proposal HERE
  2. Spread the word far and wide amongst family and friends. 

Don't have time? Don't know the trail network well enough to comment? 

That's fine - we can help! If you're supportive of our response, simply feedback that you've read our statement and that you are supportive. Don't be afraid to emphasise how much you love the trails! 

What's the background to all of this?

This is all about the formalisation of the Eumeralla trail network in Anglesea. Parks Victoria had a trail audit completed by Dirt Art in late 2012 and then completed multiple assessments of the area. With those completed, they have announced their proposal for the trail network. We have been working closely with Parks throughout this process to represent trail users. 

We're very pleased with how far we've come because two years ago, we were concerned the entire network would be closed. But it's far from perfect and we're determined to fix that. We have a chance here to make a few changes that will make the network great for all trail users, support local tour operators & greatly benefit our local economy.

Why do the Eumeralla trails need to be formalised??

It's a frequent question. The simple answer is because the only alternative is that they get closed down. As passionate local trail users we didn't want to see that and so this group formed. For those who haven't read the background to this and for those who've forgotten it, you can check it out in our very first newsletter HERE

Thanks for your support!!

Surf Coast Trail Group

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