7 important cross-sectoral innovation trends
to which policy makers should pay attention

NDPC has completed work on the study “Collaboration and Innovation in the Northern Dimension Countries” which was carried out within the framework of an EU-funded study project “Cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation within Creative and Cultural Industries - practices, opportunities and policies within the area of the NDPC”. The key objective of the study was to assess the ability of CCIs to connect with other sectors and contribute to cross-sectoral innovation.

The study suggests, amongst other findings, that there are seven important cross-sectoral innovation elements which should be taken into account when developing policy in this area. They are:

  • Connectivity is the key to the preparatory phase of cross-sectoral innovation teamwork;
  • CCIs’ roles as mediators or initiators of cross-sectoral innovation to be better understood;
  • Multilevel approaches should embrace innovation risks taken by diverse partners; 
  • A broader definition of CCI innovation and its impact (including ‘soft’ innovation) to be adopted;
  • Attention needs to be given to long-term assessment of impact and tracking of results;
  • A broader vision of cross-innovation in relation to sustainable development goals (SDG) is timely;
  • Legal frameworks to be developed to facilitate CCIs’ involvement in cross-sectoral innovation.

More information about the project and its results, including the Study, 121 cross-innovation case studies from 11 countries, Policy Briefs, a Scientific journal publication and more are available on the web resource A short video presentation of the study findings recorded during the Final event of the project on 14 March, 2021, is available here.

NDPC and the project team would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of the project, and we hope that the ideas presented in the study will help to trigger new policy improvements and cross-innovation activities in the wider ND innovation ecosystem.

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