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Publication of Annual Report 2015 and activities on Facebook

NDPC has published its Annual Report on NDPC website, as well as commenced communication on social media site Facebook. Hashtag for communication about NDPC on social media is #ndpc. In 2016 NDPC plans to do new developments on its home page, including the visual identity.

24th Northern Dimension Steering Group meeting
NDPC participated at the 24th meeting of the Northern Dimension (ND) Steering Group in Reykjavík on 21 January 2016, organized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland. The meeting heard of the follow up to the ND Senior Officials Meeting of 2014 and preparation for the 4th ND   Ministerial Meeting. Together with other ND partnerships (Environmental Partnership, Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being, Partnership on Transport and Logistics and ND Institute) NDPC presented the recent developments at the Partnership, as well as plans for 2016. The ND Business Council was not present at the meeting, however, the meeting was informed that the next ND Forum will take place in St. Petersburg on April 7.
ND Forum in St. Petersburg
The 7th Northern Dimension Forum will take place in St. Petersburg on April 7, organised by the Northern Dimension Business Council and the Association of European Businesses, with participation of various business representatives from Northern Dimension area. This year’s Forum will be devoted to the Arctic as a field of cooperative development. The NDPC will organise a parallel workshop during the Forum on cross–overs and interaction between culture and creative industries and cultural tourism, as well as innovation in those sectors, with Russian and foreign experts from other NDPC countries taking part at the discussion and presentation of case studies.

Second call for applications open
The second call for applications of the Interreg Baltic Sea Programme is now open. It covers the priorities 1 (Capacity for innovation), 2 (Management of natural resources) and 3 (Sustainable transport). In the first step each lead applicant of the project is asked to submit a concept note – describing the project’s strategic relevance, main outcomes, core activities and the planned partnership. The concept note has to be submitted not later than 1 June 2016. More information on: 
23rd NDPC Steering Committee meeting
The 23rd NDPC Steering Committee meeting will be held on March 18, 2016 in Moscow, Russia which will bring together government representatives from NDPC Member States. The Steering Committee is coorinating, following and monitoring the joint work of the NDPC. The meeting is expected to do the final approval of NDPC Action Plan and Budget of 2016, as well as decide on several NDPC priority activities during 2016. The member countries will inform the meeting in relation to the process of approval of Legally Binding Agreement (on the establishment of the International NDPC Secretariat) in their countries, as well as discuss plans of Russian chairmanship of NDPC for 2016. The meeting will also plan NDPC strategy for 2017-2020.

New study for CCIs and cultural tourism
A new study will be carried out in 2016 as commissioned by the NDPC: Mapping Exercise: How Could Creative Industries Foster Innovation in Tourism in the Northern Dimension Area? The study will be carried out by PROMAN - a leading international consulting company specialised in development cooperation and will be funded by the European Commission. The study will be carried out with an aim to learn more about developments in CCI and its cross-sector spillovers with tourism, taking into account innovative case studies, as well as policy developments in order to facilitate knowledge-based new approach to the sector. 

NGO-funding available via Nordic Council of Ministers' programme
The application round for Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding programme for NGOs in the Baltic Sea Region 2016 is now open for applicants. Priority areas are projects concerning environmental issues, democracy development, network building and cross-border co-operation. The deadline for submitting applications is 31 May 2016. See guidelines and information about the application process here.
More information on NDPC and culture and creative industries news and events on NDPC website and Facebook: NDPCpage
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