Together with our partners the NDPHS as Coordinator of the EUSBSR PA Health and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the NDPC is inviting you to take part in an online workshop "The Art of Staying Healthy - Can Culture Improve our Wellbeing?", which will be held within the 11th EUSBSR Annual Forum 2020, on 6 October at 10:00-12:00 CEST. The workshop will raise awareness about the health benefits of art intervention, facilitate the exchange of best practices from countries outside and within the BSR and brainstorm ideas for future cross-border initiatives.

The workshop is part of the inception phase for a project that is already under development between NDPHS and NDPC. It should provide input and feedback into the future strategic direction of the project and identify ways to engage other PAs/HAs represented in the EUSBSR. Please register till 2 October and take a look at the programme and Facebook event of the workshop. More information about the event can be found here.


The second online event dedicated to CCIs and well-being topic, the Experts’Focus Group "Getting Better? CCIs Contributing to Well-being, Mental Health and Community Welfare" will be held on 27 October at 10:00-12:00 CET. This event is one of the initiatives of the NDPC's EU-funded project ‘Cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation within Creative and Cultural Industries - practices, opportunities and policies within the area of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture’. It will bring together CCI and other experts to explore the under-developed area of the CCI sector working cross-sectorally with the health, welfare and community sectors in the COVID-19 era.

Such themes as CCIs, well-being, mental health and community welfare; creating the opportunities - from potential to practice; and incentivising cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation will be pursued. Those interested in participating please send an e-mail to Yulia Bardoun (

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