The European Parliament deals with important legislation which has a direct impact on fish stocks and the aquatic environment.
The Recreational Fisheries and Aquatic Environment Forum has been established to help the MEPs understand what can be complex issues affecting 25 million EU angling constituents.
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  • 2016 Priorities for
  • Alpine Strategy
  • Sea bass - state of play 
  • Meet the Anglers: Sweden
2016 Priorities

2016: European anglers at work

Many of Europe’s 25 million recreational anglers do more than just go fishing. They are nature lovers, committed to nature conservation and sustainable development.

The angling organisations are also actively involved with policy and decision making processes at both the national and the European level.

In 2016, several EU policies will be decisive for the conservation of the EU’s rivers and seas and the life in and around them in the years to come.

Among them, three topics are particularly concerning for the EU anglers:
  • The development of Water Framework Directive implementation
  • The poor or inadequate small hydropower plants
  • The management of sea bass
Alpine Region
A New European Strategy for the Alpine Region


Last year, the European Commission launched a new Strategy for the Alpine Region, a crucial transnational area which includes seven countries and 48 different regions.
The Strategy aims at addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities in order to support a sustainable and harmonious development of the area.

The Regional Development Committee of the European Parliament is currently working on a report on this Strategy and EAA and EFTTA took this opportunity to raise awareness towards the relevant MEPs about the issues of greatest importance to the anglers’ Community.

Sea bass
Sea bass - State of play


The Commission will soon present a Proposal for a long term management plan for sea bass (Northern sea bass), seemingly as part of or along with the North Sea long term management plan.
This plan will also have to be approved by the European Parliament.

It is expected that the legislative process will stretch well into 2017, after which the plan may be ready to take effect in 2018. In the meantime, new measures will have to be agreed under the TACs and Quotas regulation for 2017.

EU Angling associations
Meet the anglers # 6 : Sportfiskarna (Sweden)

Anglers working on a river restoration project in Northern Sweden.
SportFiskarna is the umbrella organisation which represents the interests of the recreational anglers of Sweden. Founded in 1919, It has 54 000 registered members and it is affiliated with 400 other non-profit organisations. SportFiskarna’s goal is to ensure that the fish stocks of Sweden are healthy, and that its waterways remain clean.
Approximately two million Swedes engage in recreational fishing, and the annual turnover of the Swedish angling industry is worth 6 billion SEK (Swedish Krona) - circa €646 million.

An important task for Sportfiskarna is to run advocacy campaigns. Additionally, Sportfiskarna is engaged in practical work for the environment.

A Member of the European Parliament questions the European Commission on the relation between Recreational Fisheries and the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)
MEP Richard Corbett (UK, Labour) has raised a question to the European Commission of fundamental interest for the European anglers.

Indeed, the EU often only legislates on recreational fishing from a negative approach when some fish stocks are threatened. However, all of the positive aspects of recreational fishing carry too little weight within the existing rules of the EU's fisheries management. This situation is unfortunate, when taking into account that recreational fishing delivers the highest economy and jobs output per fish caught, that it improves people's life quality and that it is arguably the only fisheries sector that has a sustainable development potential in the short-medium term. 

EAA and EFTTA have always argued that the CFP ought to give explicit and positive mention to recreational fishing within the scope of the CFP. Although the European Parliament supported this claim during the last CFP reform negotiations, the EU text still "does not specifically make mention of recreational fisheries", as the European Commission answered to Mr. Corbett.
EU RecFishing News

European Court of Auditors -
Report on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the Danube bassin

Water quality in the Danube river basin: progress in implementing the water framework directive but still some way to go.

Read the report

European Commission DG ENVI -
Extent of plastics in the Mediterranean Sea: a growing problem

Researchers reviewed previous studies to show that the northwest Mediterranean Sea is a hotspot for plastic debris. They found that marine litter harmed 134 species in the Mediterranean Sea and call for more to be done to manage the growing problem of debris, especially plastics, littering the Sea.

European Environmental Agency-
Floodplain management: reducing flood risks and restoring healthy ecosystems

A new report by the
European Environment Agency (EEA) provides an overview of significant floods in
Europe and looks at the role of floodplains in flood protection, water management and
nature conservation.

Read more
SAVE THE DATE: 19 April 2016, lunch time
Danube conservation: the case of the Danube Salmon
RecFishing Forum event - European Parliament
More information to come

World Fishing Migration Day (WFMD)
21 May 2016
‘Connecting Fish, Rivers and People’

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