The European Parliament deals with an important amount of legislation that has a direct impact on fish stocks and the aquatic environment.
An "Aquatic Environment and Recreational Fisheries" Intergroup is needed in the European Parliament to keep MEPs aware of these issues.
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The RecFishing Intergroup's Newsletter

Launch of the campaign for an EP Intergroup
EAA and EFTTA would like to see established an Intergroup on Aquatic Environment and Recreational Fisheries (RecFishing Intergroup).
Find out why and how this could help to create a stronger link between the Members of the European Parliament and the EU angling community [
EU RecFishing News

EAA considers Commission's proposed total drift net ban -
the case of EU Atlantic waters

The European Anglers Alliance (EAA) has already supported a total ban on drift nets in the Mediterranean and members are considering the benefits of supporting a wider ban across the rest of the EU.
Our article [

The EU regulation on Invasive alien species: what is next?

The implementation of this regulation relies on several lists of species which are still to be drafted.
Learn more about the next steps to come and where we stand [here]

An international Summit to ensure food safety and implement blue growth

The World Bank, the FAO, and all stakeholders met at The Hague from 22 to 25 April 2014.
Read our report [


12-14 June
EFTTEX is Europe's largest fishing tackle trade exhibition. EFTTEX 2014 will take place at the Brussels EXPO Centre.
More information here].

STAGES Final Workshop

19 June
Stages is an EU project aiming at supporting the Marine Strategy Framework Directive Implementation. The final STAGES workshop will be held  in Brussels.
More information here]

7th World Recreational Fishing Conference

1-4 September
EAA and EFTTA will be attending the 7th WRFC in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Two scientists from the Dutch Anglers Association have also be invited to take the floor during this meeting.

[More information here].

Advisory Councils for European fisheries

Advisory Councils (ACs) were set up to provide greater regional stakeholder involvement in EU fisheries management.
The members of EAA are represented in the North Western Waters AC, the North Sea AC, the Baltic Sea AC, the South Western Waters AC, the Mediterranean AC and the Long Distance AC.
A number of AC meetings will take place in June 2014.
For the exact dates and objectives of these meetings, you can check the
last PECH Committee Newsletter.
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