A couple of Holiday Videos
We had fun doing a Foxtrot Performance for the USA Dance Holiday Ball. Amy Maneval was kind enough to video and post it. You can view it here:
I have been working on a Synchronized Christmas Music / Light display. If you are in the area, we would love for you to stop by to see it. For those out of the area I was asked if I could video it. I did try but it is difficult due to the camera's inability to capture detail of bright images in the dark. I did record it but it is not quite the same as seeing it live. Much of the detail of the light show is lost. But, here is my best shot at recording this year’s installation.

This is the 1st year and I have sequenced 4 songs. This video is of one of the songs: "Carol of the Bells by the Tran Siberian Orchestra."
What it is 
A number of years ago I wrote a program called Ballroom DJ to provide music at dances. I recently expanded the program to act as a lighting effects sequencer. This program sends commands to a number of Wifi microcomputer modules I have built and distributed in the yard. Each of these modules controls a string, strip or panel of LEDs. Each of these LEDs is individually addressable and is capable of producing over 16 thousand colors. This is the first year of this project and I have approximately 800 of the LEDs in place. I intend to significantly expand this each year.
  • Our next Group Class / Zoom class will be Jan. 4
  • Tonight- Aki's Christmas Party and dance. No lesson. Just Dancing, Food and Fun with friends. 7 to 10 PM. $40 / per couple for students $45 for non students.
  • Aki's Ballroom Dance Studio New Years Eve Dance. Now is the time to sign-up. Spend New Years Eve dancing with friends.
A word of thanks
We understand that many of you have made donations to the SW Florida USA Dance Chapter. We appreciate that this chapter has strived to keep dance alive during these unprecedented times. We want to add our thanks for your generous donations to support them in their efforts. We thank them too for all their hard work.
Questions? Information
As always, if you ever have questions on the dance steps you've learned or on dances we post here, or if you have information on dance events and such we have not posted, please feel free to give us a call. 252-349-0225 or email us. Our website also has a wealth of information including practice music. 

See you on the dance floor...
- John & Penny
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