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Wonderful Winter at Kazoo!

December sure is a busy month at Kazoo School! For this month's newsletter we have tried something a little different - each basegroup has shared a few pictures with captions, so you can really SEE the learning and creating! We encourage you to check out what all of our amazing students and teachers have been doing this month!

We hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season and a relaxing winter break!
One of the beautiful pies from our Thanksgiving and VIP event! 
Important Dates

Winter Program - Thursday, December 18, 6pm at Hackett auditorium

Featuring children’s literature as interpreted by our Kazoo students! Students should arrive at 5:30pm unless their teacher has communicated differently.

Half Day and Pajama Day - December 19.  Dismissal at 11am.

Winter Break - Saturday, December 20 - Sunday, January 4.  School resumes on Monday, January 5.

Every Friday - unless otherwise announced - Whole-school Assembly in the gymnasium (starts around 8:05)

You can also find all events on the Kazoo School Calendar!

Dr. Sally
Dr. Sally
Basegroup Updates

Pre-K and Junior-K

Nichole, Lysa, Violet, and Jackie

1. PreKindergarten and Junior Kindergarten students said goodbye to pre-intern Jackie Sofian this month.  The students loved having Jackie in their classroom and look forward to seeing her soon! 

2. The PreK and Jr K class are excited for Winter Program!  Here the students are working on props for their performance!




This December the kindergarteners have been learning about many winter celebrations around the world.  They've also spent time in Kleinstuck making winter shelters for the fairies.
Camille works on a representation of a kinara.
Hayden spins a dreidel.
Cade and basegroup buddy Ian weave a mkeka.
Kindergarteners build shelters for the fairies of Kleinstuck.




Primary (1st Grade)


1 & 2. Primary students read to their Little Buddies in PreKindergarten and Junior Kindergarten.
3. Students played the dreidel game.  Thank you to Primary parent Laura Feffer for coming in to tell Primary about Hanukkah!

Primentary (2nd and 3rd Grade)


The Primentary Class was excited to show off some of their hard work at the Kazoo Thanksgiving and VIP Day event at the end of November.  They presented projects based on their favorite god or goddess.  Now the students are shifting gears to learn about leaders and the important work that they do.  
1. Hailey and Elexa share their representation of Mount Olympus while dressed as Athena.  
2. Aidan shares his representation of Apollo's arrows and lyre while dressed as Apollo.  
3.  Elias  begins his research of leader Ioannes Metaxas.

4th and 5th Grade



1. Vivian and Katharine start work on their History Day project.  
2 & 3. Students play games that they created based on the book Running Out of Time.
4.  The Global Reading Challenge books have arrived! The students got right to reading!

4th and 5th Grade Science



We know science happens in all weather, and winter is a great time to view wildlife in the preserve.  Fourth and fifth graders have chosen the latest location (it's a secret!) for their game camera in the preserve. They eagerly await new video from our local critters! 

In the classroom, science students have been experimenting with circuits and electricity.  Their challenge began as lighting a bulb with a battery.  They continued by adding a motor and an on/off switch.  
They also spent some time designing their own experiments on dissolution rates of alka-seltzer.  Plop plop fizz fizz!

4th - 8th Math


6th graders studying ratio, proportion and scale have been working to create a model depicting Godzilla and Mothra in Tokyo in both math and art classes.  Be on the lookout for their work in the hallway outside of Kelly's room.  

Middle School Humanities 


Students in Middle School are creating videos in which they tell a mythological creation story that they have created.  Here they are working out their stories and creating their videos in small groups.

Middle School Science


1. The middle school students visited the Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant to learn more about our fresh water resources and the steps in treating our wastewater.  They discovered a whole new meaning to the word "cake!"

2. To wrap up the unit on energy sources and renewable energy, Lief Doezema visited the middle school class to teach them about the amazing work he does with wind turbines.  Through his slide presentation, students were able
to see how they are constructed and maintained as well as get a better picture of their immense size.  They had fun trying on some of his gear and experimenting with a generator!  

3. The cold weather doesn't slow the students down as they continue to explore Kleinstuck on Fridays under the guidance of Steve Kato from WMU.  Among many activities, they are taking tree measurements, water quality analysis, and monitoring a game camera.  A few students recently found a very old horseshoe (pictured) and
are researching information about where it may have come from.  They also have some great deer video footage from the camera!



1. Kindergartener Hayden is working on strengthening his legs.  
2. Fourth/Fifth grade students play Asteroids- a game of strategically thrown balls over the net.  The object of the game is to NOT have the other side catch them in the air. You should see the creative flight paths that result!
3. Karen's Middle School Advisory students working on cards they will send to children who have to be in hospitals over the holidays.
4. Middle Schoolers helping with the prep for serving pie for our "Giving Thanks" Day.







Students K-8 have been hard at work preparing for Winter Program! Students report by 
5:30 PM, the program starts at 6 PM. Let us celebrate our students and their creative exploration of literature, music, and the arts!

The art room is so busy this month!

1. Art and music are collaborating right now in preparation for the winter program! We are making many beautiful props, and drawings for the program too!

2. Sixth grade art is collaborating with math to create a very unique project that will be on display outside Kelly's classroom! Godzilla vs Mothra! Art + Math = Awesome!


Spanish (K-5)


Kindergarten Spanish students worked hard to build Rafa!  Rafa helped them to learn how to say many different body parts in Spanish!  Welcome Rafa!
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