44th Ward Newsletter - May 6, 2021
Dear Neighbor,

A proposal to rename Lake Shore Drive after the first permanent resident of Chicago, Jean Baptist Point DuSable, has been moving through City Council. Last week, the Council's Committee on Transportation and the Public Way unanimously voted for this proposal to come before the entire City Council. I am not a member of that committee and have yet to have an official vote on this matter; however, I have been working with the Mayor's Office and the co-sponsors of the renaming proposal to attempt to find a compromise. If you would like to either share your thoughts on a potential renaming or other ideas on how we could honor DuSable, the Founder of Chicago, please fill out my office's survey by clicking here.

Partial Belmont Closure Next Week
To allow for crane removal Belmont, from Hudson to Sheridan, will be closed next week Monday and Tuesday, May 10-11th. Pedestrian access and street parking will be restricted. The 77, 151, and 156 buses will be re-routed during the closure as well. Garage access will be maintained for residents. More details can be found in the "Infrastructure" section, later in the newsletter. If you have questions you can contact my Infrastructure Director, Dan Manoli, at

Central Lakeview Neighbors Flower Sale
Join me in supporting the Central Lakeview Neighbors (CLVN) community group by ordering flowers for your home. Proceeds are used by CLVN to fund beautification projects from Belmont to Diversey, Racine to Halsted. Orders must be turned in by May 11th and order pick up is May 22nd, from 9am-11am at Harriet Tubman Elementary School (formerly known as Agassiz). You can find the order form by clicking here and can email the completed form to

COVID Reopening Updates
This week, Mayor Lightfoot and the City's Department of Public Health announced that the goal is to be completely reopened, without capacity restrictions for businesses and public spaces, by July 1st. My office has yet to receive updates on when block party and yard sale permit applications will be opened up again, but as soon as I hear more information on this I will share updates in this newsletter. 

With Mother's Day coming up the best gift that you can give your mother is to be vaccinated so you can spend time with family. Every Chicago resident over 16-years-old remains eligible for the COVID vaccine. Wrigley Field continues to be a mass vaccination site as well. To register for a vaccine at Wrigley Field you must register online at Only the Pfizer vaccine will be offered at this location.

Walk-up vaccinations will also be offered at the Theater Wit at 1229 W Belmont Ave., on May 21st from 12-7pm.

Student Led Clean-Up of Evergreen Park
Thank you to the students of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy for their continued dedication in helping to maintain Evergreen Park at 631 W. Belmont. Over the last few weeks, community groups throughout the ward have led clean-up efforts to beautify and maintain our Chicago Park District parks. I want to thank everyone who volunteers their efforts to keep our ward's green spaces clean and accessible.

Applications Now Open for Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) Permits
Applications are now open to apply for permits to build an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU). Portions of Lakeview, west of Halsted, are eligible for ADU construction as part of a pilot program that I was proud to pass as Chair of the Zoning Committee. Those interested in learning more about the pilot or to apply for a permit should click here.
Summer Programs with the Chicago Park District
Make sure to check out all of the Chicago Park District's day camp options for your children. Online registration begins next Monday, May 10th for parks west of California Ave and on Tuesday, May 11th for parks east of California Ave. The Park District's youth camps work to teach civic engagement, environmental awareness, inclusion, team building, and to build friendships. To learn more about every camp option and to sign-up when registration opens up click here. 

While the 44th Ward office remains open, you can also access all city services digitally or by calling the office. For general inquiries you can email You can find the names, responsibilities, emails and extension numbers of ward staff by visiting our website or clicking here.

Continue reading for updates on the Belmont street closure next week, training programs for women interested in trade careers, Mother's Day deals at local businesses and more.

Happy Mother's Day,

Tom Tunney
44th Ward Alderman

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Office Hours
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Contact Us:
Phone: 773-525-6034
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Public Safety Update
You will find the updated 19th District crime statistics below.

Community Policing Meetings
Beat 1922
May 13th, 6:30pm

Beat 1923
July 7th, 6:30pm

Beat 1924
June 24th, 6:30pm
Beat 1925
June 22nd, 6:30pm

Beat 1933
May 11th, 6:30pm

Beat 1934
June 14th, 6:30pm
To find your beat click hereTo register for beat meeting information please email
The 19th District shares regular updates on its Twitter page. Be sure to check out their updates and follow them on Twitter, @ChicagoCAPS19.

Infrastructure Updates

Byron, Janssen, Greenview Water Main Replacement

By late May, Department of Water Management (DWM) crews will begin to install approximately 3,100 feet of new 8-inch water main under Byron from Ashland to Southport, under Janssen from Irving Park to Grace, and under Greenview from Irving Park to Byron. The old water main dates back to 1902, and needs to be replaced to create a more reliable and efficient system.

The Department of Water Management offers automatic email updates about the progress of the project, please go to to register. Simply enter your name, email address, and the project identification number: 2001002. Be sure to respond to the verification email you receive in order to get the updates. Your information will not be shared or used again. You will be notified as the project enters each new construction phase – from mobilization of equipment onto the site, to the installation of new pipes, to the final restoration of the street.
What You Need to Know During Construction
  • Traffic: If crews need to close or limit traffic during construction for safety reasons, you will always be able to reach your home or business. Outside of working hours, a travel lane will be left open for local traffic only.
  • Parking: Crews will post “No Parking” signs as needed during work hours (generally 7am-4pm). Parking outside of those hours will be allowed, but cars will need to be moved by the start of the next workday. Crews will try to preserve as much parking space as possible.
  • Service transfers: Crews will give 24-hour notice when they will have to temporarily interrupt water service to transfer your service to the new main. You will need to flush your water system (instructions here) once water is restored.
    In the event of an emergency shutdown, crews may not be able to give prior warning of the shut down.
Possible Fence Removal
  • DWM crews do everything possible to preserve homeowner improvements within the public right of way when doing infrastructure work. Any homeowner added improvements including fencing, landscaping etc. shall be removed by the individual homeowner prior to the water main installation.
DWM does not assume responsibility for damage to privately installed parkway improvements, including sprinkling systems, fences, flower beds and shrubbery

Possible Tree Removal
  • DWM does everything possible to preserve trees when doing infrastructure work. However, due to IEPA regulations concerning the separation of underground infrastructure and public safety concerns should a tree become unstable because of underground work, it is sometimes necessary to remove trees.
  • In consultation with the Department of Streets and Sanitation’s Forestry Division, DWM will make the decision on tree removal on a situational basis. You will be notified in advance if it will be necessary to remove trees during this project.
What You Need to Know Following Construction

Work involving the water system like water main installation or repairs can dislodge small particles of contaminants, including lead, which can affect your drinking water. Ingesting lead can have significant health risks. For more information about the health effects of lead, go to or

Use Recommended Flushing Practices

Studies show that flushing water through your pipes is an effective approach to lowering lead levels and exposure. Detailed instructions for intensive flushing following water main work can be found

Register for Free Filter Set

Out of our commitment to providing our residents with the highest quality water, the Department of Water Management is offering single family houses and buildings with two apartments a free water filter set- a pitcher and six cartridges NSF certified to remove lead if any is present in drinking water. Buildings with three or more apartments are not eligible at this time. Please visit today and register for your free water filter set. Enter your address and zip code and the set will be shipped to you completely free.

Should you have any questions or concerns about this project please contact Dionisios Manoli in my office via email at or (773)525-6034 ext. 203.

Belmont Street Closure
Monday, May 10th & Tuesday, May 11th
400‐429 W. Belmont Ave.  

Pedestrian access to the sidewalk on the North side of Belmont between Hudson and Sheridan will be restricted for safety.  Access of the South sidewalk will be maintained during the closure.

Buses 77, 151 and 156 will not be permitted down this stretch of Belmont through Friday. Eastbound buses on Belmont will be rerouted around the work by going North on Broadway, then East to Addison, then South on Inner Lake Shore Drive until they reach Belmont again. Westbound buses on Belmont will be rerouted by going North on Inner Lake Shore Drive, then West on Addison, then South on Broadway until they reach Belmont. 

"No Parking" signs will be posted on both sides of Belmont between Hudson and Sheridan.  "No Parking" is enforced from 9am to 4pm each day. The crane is removed each evening and Belmont is open to all traffic from 4pm to 9am each day.

Garage access in and out of 3200 N. Lake Shore Drive and 420 W. Belmont Ave. will be maintained during the closure. Residents will be able to exit and enter their parking garages with the use of flaggers.

If you have questions you can contact my Infrastructure Director, Dan Manoli, at

Updates on Redefine The Drive

Over the past year, my office and the North Lake Shore Drive (NLSD) project have gathered a large amount of input from our residents on the preliminary design at Belmont Avenue, Aldine Avenue, and other key locations within the Lakeview community. My office continues to work closely with the NLSD project team to ensure that your feedback is heard, that the final designs reflect community input, and address existing issues for people walking, bicycling, driving, riding transit, and using the parks.

A follow-up community meeting for the Lakeview area is anticipated for this June, during which the project team will provide an update on comments provided, discuss the preliminary design concepts and present additional alternative designs for key areas within our neighborhood. The meeting will also allow for direct discussions with the project team so that comments and questions can be addressed.

The project recently distributed a newsletter that gives details on feedback heard during the Fall 2020 Public Input Opportunity and anticipated community outreach for 2021 and 2022. Please visit here to read the newsletter. If you would like to submit feedback as a part of the official project record, please email comments to the NLSD project team at, and cc the Infrastructure Director in my office,

My office values your input as we work with the project team to develop a final design that benefits our community, enhances the North Lake Shore Drive experience, and improves surrounding amenities.

Brown Line Construction from Southport to Addison - Extended to June

Construction on the CTA's Brown Line continues until Wednesday, June 30th from Southport to Addison. The work includes parking restrictions under and next to the track, temporarily restricting alleys and garages, and closing sidewalks. Keep a look out for posted construction notices in the area as the work continues. We will continue to provide updates as we receive them from the CTA.

For more information, please visit the CTA-RPM website here.  We also encourage you to sign up to the RPM newsletter for updated information here​.

Thank you for your patience during these important projects!

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage and recycling pickup continues as an essential service. The next recycling pick up in the 44th Ward will begin the week of May 17th. If you are a part of the City's Blue Cart Program, your recyclables are picked up every other week. Blue carts must be accessible throughout the week for pick-up.

You can find more details on the 2021 recycling calendar for the ward by clicking here.

Upcoming Events

Un*Gala for the Center on Halsted
Each year, Center on Halsted hosts our annual Human First Gala to recognize the contributions of individuals, businesses and other organizations to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community in Chicago. Last year when presented with the COVID-19 pandemic, we chose to cancel the gala and instead put our focus into meeting the increased needs of Chicago’s LGBTQ community. This year, we are returning with a new virtual Un*Gala event, held on Thursday, May 6, 2021, 5:00-6:00 p.m. We're excited to honor Theaster Gates, Sam Kirk, and Jane M. Saks for their fierce advocacy for Chicago's LGBTQ community. To purchase tickets and to learn more about the honorees click here.
Southport Mother's Day Stroll
Southport Corridor shops are celebrating moms by giving out roses from Primrose Chicago and chocolate treats from Candyality to moms who stop in on Mother's Day! Retailers are also offering special promotions and hosting pop-up vendors for more shopping fun. Plus, Angela Garbot Photography will be stationed in front of the Ouizi mural from 11am-2pm for moms to enjoy a mini photo session with the family! To see the full list of participating businesses click here.
Ramadan Iftar with the IL Muslim Civic Coalition
As the month of Ramadan ends, we invite you to a few minutes of reflections, nasheeds, and special moments shared with justice and service allies. Please join us for a simple and spiritual - and yes, virtual - Ramadan Iftar. Please share with your friends and colleagues - this is an open, diverse, and interfaith program. 

Friday, May 7th from 7:10 - 8:00pm
Please RSVP:

Trivia with the Lakeview - Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce
Are you sick of making sourdough bread? Are you longing to connect with others across our two communities? Excited to show off all the knowledge you’ve gained while quarantining over the last year? Join us for a live virtual trivia night on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at 6 PM! Tickets are $10 for members and $15 for non-members/community members. Register today by clicking here. 

Rental Assistance for Chicago Residents
The Rental Assistance Program (RAP) provides funding to Chicagoans who are at risk of becoming homeless. RAP helps Chicagoans who have housing right now, but who may become homeless soon because they lost income or had another eligible emergency which prevents them from paying rent.

The Chicago Department of Housing is holding a webinar on how to sign up for rental assistance. The webinar is May 11th at noon. To sign-up click here.

One Summer Chicago Hiring Youth and Young Adults 

One Summer Chicago brings together government institutions, community-based organizations and companies to offer over 20,000 employment and internship opportunities to youth and young adults ages 14 to 24. To learn more click here.

Chicago Department of Transportation Hiring SAFE Ambassadors

Since 2001, the Chicago Department of Transportation has promoted safe cycling and walking through the City of Chicago’s SAFE Ambassadors. SAFE stands for Streets Are For Everybody, and the Ambassadors’ goals are encouraging and educating cyclists and pedestrians, reducing traffic crashes by working with all road users, and making Chicago a safer place for active transportation.

The SAFE Ambassadors travel all over the City of Chicago educating people of all ages and backgrounds about pedestrian and bicycling safety. The Ambassadors offer presentations, safety literature and bicycling activities at parks, schools, on-street events and other locations. To learn more about the position click here.

Chicago Park District is Hiring!

Training Programs for Women to Enter Trade Careers

Divvy is Hiring
Between now and July, our partners at Lyft and Motivate LLC are aiming to hire for over 200 positions!  These include Valets, Bike Mechanics, and Driver positions.  The majority of these jobs are Full Time, though some have Part Time flexibility.  Pay ranges from $15.50 to $16.75.  We'd appreciate it if you could share this information with your constituents, and include the attached flier in your upcoming newsletters from now through July.  To find job descriptions and to apply click here.
COVID-19 Funeral Assistance
FEMA is providing financial assistance for COVID-19 related funeral expenses incurred after January 20, 2020. To learn more about how you can get reimbursed for COVID-19 related funeral expenses by clicking here.

Free COVID-19 Crisis Counseling
The Illinois Crisis Counseling Program aims to increase disaster-related services in Cook, Winnebago, and St. Clair counties, which all have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. IDHS’ Division of Mental Health, in partnership with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and local behavioral health clinics, will continue to offer support and resources for residents struggling with increased stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. Please visit for more information and resources available near you.

AIDS Garden Chicago Pop Up Shop
AIDS Garden Chicago will be the city's first public park to memorialize the early days of Chicago's HIV/AIDS epidemic, and to honor those who continue to fight against the disease today. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to see the garden's anchor piece on the Lakefront near Belmont - the stunning 30-foot Keith Haring sculpture 'Self-Portrait.' 

To help support the construction of the park you can now purchase items from the newly reopened pop-up shop by clicking here.

Lakeview East Craft Beer Week
Join the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce for its Craft Beer Week. Over 11 restaurants will be offering curated menus that pair well with specialty brews from Midwest breweries. To learn more about participating locations and to make a reservation click here.
Pours & Stores Wine Packs
Enjoy wine packs and a weekend of shopping in Lakeview and Roscoe Village! Dive into the world of wine with four wine packs curated by local liquor stores, and shop local from May 20-23 with a special coupon book and Wine Lovers Shopping Guide. You can also sign up for a virtual wine class! Learn more at
Northalsted Hot Deals
Check out the Northalsted Business Alliance's website every Wednesday for a weekly "hot deal" in Chicago's Proudest Neighborhood. Find this week's "hot deal" by click here.
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