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This week's issue of ParrotDog Digest is covering information on ParotDog share package contents, as well as taking a closer look at the new brewery – read on for more details.

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We're selling shares in ParrotDog

We're using equity crowdfunding because we wanted to provide our supporters with a unique opportunity to be involved in what we're planning – as well as an opportunity to invest in this exciting and growing industry.

The packages we'll be offering on PledgeMe's equity crowdfunding platform represent parcels of ParrotDog shares. Each share will be issued at a price of $1, and will have an equal entitlement to dividends and other distributions by the company – meaning as we grow ParrotDog the value of your shares will grow too.

The benefit in using a crowdfunding platform also means that we can include additional rewards with each share package (or parcel) sold – adding additional benefits for those who purchase shares in ParrotDog.

For more information on how equity crowdfunding works, have a read of this; Investor Education by PledgeMe 
We've thought long and hard about what potential ParrotDog shareholders might enjoy in addition to the shares they gain through their investment, so we've plotted a map, outlining the investment required to attain the rewards associated with each package – the location you choose to venture to on the map will determine the contents of each package.

***** nice.

– Larger map at bottom of page – 


A closer look at the new brewery

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