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In this week's issue of ParrotDog Digest, we're revealing information on the location of where our new brewery will be – read on for more details.

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The artist's impression of the proposed new brewery marks the spot. We're moving to Lyall Bay.

For those of you who don't know the area, use the airport, shown on the map, as your reference point. And for those of you who do know the area, our new address will be:
60-66 Kingsford Smith St
Lyall Bay

ParrotDog in Lyall Bay

As you can see, we'll be a stone's throw from Wellington's most popular surf beach – and dog hangout. 

It's an exciting thought, to be part of what is to be a big development area in the coming few years. Many of the surrounding buildings you see in this render are destined for retail spaces and to be part of this means a great deal. 

The below render is just an indication of scale and proximity but we hope this provides you with some scope in being able to fill the gaps with your imagination....

As we move into the first half of this building, we'll be instantly presented with the ability to brew 3x our current production volume – with space to multiply that by a further 3x, before even moving into the next half of the building. It's an exciting time for all of us here and we're looking forward to giving you the opportunity to join us.   

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