No. 30
Stories you may have missed this week...


USA: FEC inspector general says top agency official duped her into releasing confidential criticisms Salon

New York: Election results not altering AG Schneiderman's Trump investigations Politico New York

New Orleans: New Orleans voters split funding for inspector general, police monitor The Times-Picayune

Ohio: State worker violated policy, says inspector general

Illinois: State trooper found guilty of corruption, bribery, official misconduct News-Gazette

Montreal: Towing companies barred from city contracts for five years by city inspector general Montreal Gazette

France: France adopts US style anti-corruption settlement system Today

India: India to eliminate two largest banknotes in strike at corruption USA Today

Australia: Victoria's public drunkenness laws should be reviewed, says anti-corruption commission The Guardian

China: Former Sinopec executive pleads guilty to corruption, bribe-taking Reuters

South Africa: Inspector general candidates are questioned over political connections News24

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Risk Management in New York State 

Bringing leading private sector practices to government
With a 2016 budget of over $94 billion, 110 executive agencies and authorities with over 224,000 employees, and $198 billion in contracts New York’s complex operations warrant a comprehensive risk management system. In 2015, Governor Andrew Cuomo implemented just such a system to ensure that efficient and responsive government services are provided to New York’s almost 20 million residents.

New York’s new system is designed to capture the dynamic and efficient aspects of private sector risk management strategies while remaining true to the fundamental purpose of government – to serve the people and safeguard their wellbeing. In this way, unlike government regulatory organizations, New York’s risk management system embeds experienced attorneys within its agencies and authorities to advocate for the swift resolution of complex problems through early detection and the promotion of ethical and responsive action.

In our latest Integrity in Brief publication, the Office of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo details the structure and goals of this innovative new program.

This brief was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.    

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