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Incoming Lunar Eclipse Energetics 
& Satun-Pluto


Making the Break: Astrology of the week of Jan. 14 - Jan. 21, 2019.
Once a month we take the peak weak of astrological happenings to attune you to whats going on in the sky. Erica Jones will walk us through this week's energetic play before the Lunar Eclipse on January 21st. 

We welcome the Sun’s entry into Aquarius, a total eclipse of the Leo Full Moon and the emergence of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle. With all the excitement of the new and the possible comes a certain dragging on our vitality. This week contains contradictory energies of breakthrough versus holding back, easeful flow versus striking every obstacle, depth of vision versus a caution that hampers action. Our sense of self and trajectory may feel ready to head out into new territory but inner or outer workings want to bring complications, doubts and frustrations. It may feel hard to commit to the slow and steady work required to make the break, so we must look out for sabotaging our goals just because it doesn’t come as easy as flipping a light switch. In fact “making the break” is a good phrase for this week as it will be our commitment to working for what we desire which creates the “the lucky break” and opportunity.  

While the Jan. 5 solar eclipse marked the emergence of the Cancer/Capricorn cycle that runs all the way through July 2020, the total lunar eclipse on Jan. 20 is the closing of the Leo/Aquarius cycle which began Feb. 2017. People with significant placements in Leo or Aquarius have been most impacted, but one of the general tenors of this nodal axis is a concern with how we present ourselves to the world—or our way of being in the world (Leo) versus standing outside of it and observing (Aquarius). Leo is perhaps more concerned with being seen clearly, while Aquarius wants to see others as they really are. This final eclipse which happens at 9:12pm US/Pacific right after the Sun enters Aquarius on Jan. 20 asks us to reflect on where we may be hiding behind a false image. Are we driven by the desire to be liked or to otherwise have social approval no matter the cost to ourselves? Is there a bully, either inside of us or outside of us, who would like us to remain in a compromising position?    

This eclipse suggests we can move into a different way of projecting our personality into the world by turning a courageous heart towards any bullies and fears of what a movement towards more personal integrity represents. And while it takes courage to face our obstacles, that doesn’t mean becoming bullies ourselves! Unnecessary aggression will just add to the fear and misunderstanding. Watch how you speak to yourself, and others, as your soul is listening carefully. Such a movement could also coincide with healing our relationship to belief itself, and our faith in our Soul’s own deeper dreaming. We could reflect on how our understanding and practice of virtue and generosity supports or undermines our dreams and ideals. And we might pay attention to our dreams to learn about the wounded ones inside of us as well as to hear our Soul’s longings for expression in this world. The closing eclipse of the Leo/Aquarius cycle may also provide a summation of everything which has been opened, closed and potentiated over the past 2½ years. It may not be neat and clean, but rather show what work remains to be done. 

With the incoming Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle, we will now be moving towards digging into the secret garden of our Soul and what we don't (yet) know about ourselves. The time and awareness we invest in caring, nurturing and nesting will become more relevant than ever to our social roles and goals, as will the interweaving of our work into our personal lives. This eclipse series coincides with Saturn’s and Pluto’s time in Capricorn, indicating that these eclipses carry significant impact and not only to those of us with important placements in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. The more challenging dimensions of Saturn-Pluto—limitations, scarcity, overwhelming and impersonal forces of history—will be emphasized so we will need to focus on our strengths and invest in the power of committed collaboration. Saturn and Pluto's activation beckons us to clear and make space in our lives before so can actually receive the monumental transformation that is in store for us, and the world.

We will need to sharpen our tools for managing the difficult, which includes identifying, appreciating and celebrating what is working—instead of being sucked into an overly negative or critical outlook. The Cancerian aspect of nurturing ourselves, our bodies and our communities points to an important piece of growing with Saturn-Pluto’s immense pressure—accessing and expanding the mutual support systems we all need. 

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A Vitamin Crich  + Mineralizing + Aphrodisiac + Dopamine Tonic Tea

1/2tsp Mucuna Pruriens 
1Tbsp Rose Petals
1tsp Hibiscus Powder (or a handful of whole flowers)

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Ashwagandha Root Image credit: Joe Lingeman
Drawing image credit : 15th century illustration from Northern Italy.
Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries

Written by By Adriana Ayales

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