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A city dressed in light...

As you all know by now, I am addicted to bright colours... of any kind! And that's why I love the incredible Vivid festival of lights in Sydney that happens every year, just as we are about to enter winter.
There are amazing sculptures and displays, light shows and lasers all throughout the city center and it is a-ma-ze-balls. Sorry if that sounds a little rude but... it's true!

I would like to share a little bit of it with you, especially if you live far away from Sydney...  click the the button on the right or photo below and get blown away!

With love and bright lights,
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"Right Here With Me" 
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Watch a timelapse and explanation of how I created this painting!
"Choose Happiness!" 
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If you enjoy watching me create and paint,
and hopefully learn and be inspired along the way, I have 2 new episodes for you!
The largest barrier to creativity is the one we set for ourselves
We tend to shy away from creative work (or thinking) in an effort to avoid failure.
Despite how difficult it may seem, the real struggle with becoming a painter is embracing your need to grow into it; by putting the brush or pen against the canvas repeatedly and then stepping back and being able to say: “This may not be ideal, but it’s a start.”

This is a fun tutorial by Byron Bay artist Jane Davenport using one of her own face stencils. Learn how to draw and shade a whimsical face then use it in your own creations! New skills :) 


20 Small Ways to Break Out
of Your Comfort Zone and Create a Positive Change Starting Today!

Learn how to paint with super easy step-by-step tutorials,
perfect for beginners and/or if you don't have a lot of supplies!
Some of my favourite posts from the last few weeks! Follow me here to
discover amazing artists from around the world (and fun stuff from my world too). 
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