"This is about scientists working together to make a significant impact on thousands, if not millions, of lives across the globe." 
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Dr. McCauley awarded prestigious Jefferson Science Fellowship


Dr. Pamela McCauley, Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems at the University of Central Florida, has been awarded a Jefferson Science Fellowship with the U.S. State Department for the 2015-2016 term. The Jefferson Science Fellowship program serves as an innovative model for engaging the American academic science and engineering communities in U.S. foreign policy. 

Jefferson Science Fellowships are prestigious appointments to senior academics based on their stature, recognition, and experience in the national and international scientific or engineering communities, and their ability to rapidly and accurately understand scientific advancements outside their discipline area in order to effectively integrate this knowledge into U.S. Department of State/USAID policy discussions. 

Dr. McCauley will be involved in technology assessment and policy at the national and international level researching the globally critical Ergonomics of Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases for Healthcare Workers. Fellows spend one year on assignment at the U.S. Department of State or USAID as science advisors on foreign policy issues. 

 "The global healthcare community has become reluctant to jump into disease outbreak disaster zones for multiple reasons including dangerous working conditions, lack of consistent policies regarding healthcare worker protection, lack of scientific confidence in protection protocols, and little assurance of a contaminant-free experience for medical professionals," McCauley states.

"We must address these issues in the global community, before healthcare workers fear and ultimately avoid caring for patients. By approaching these issues from a human factors and ergonomic point of view,  we can produce scientifically valid outcomes to help impact worker safety guidelines, worker confidence, and public policy on national and international levels. This is about scientists working together to make a significant impact on thousands, if not millions, of lives across the globe," says McCauley.


Association for Women in Science (AWIS) elects
Dr. Pamela McCauley to Board of Directors

AWIS champions the interests of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics across all disciplines and employment sectors. Working for positive system transformation, AWIS strives to ensure that all women in these fields can achieve their full potential.

Tapping into America’s full talent pool is essential to continued U.S. leadership in research and innovation. AWIS believe women in STEM should be:

  • Compensated fairly and without discrimination
  • Advanced equitably and without bias
  • Respected and recognized for their scientific achievements
  • Exposed to successful role models in leadership positions
  • Able to achieve optimum work-life integration
Elected as Councilor to the 2015 - 2016 AWIS Board, Dr. McCauley will aid the AWIS Governing Board in providing oversight and guidance on the business of the association. 
See the full list of AWIS Board Members


Worcester Polytechnic Institute selects 
Dr. Pamela McCauley to give the University Lecture

Professor McCauley hopes engineering, sciences become more diverse The Oklahoman, July 26, 2015

"Don’t let seeing only people who don’t look like you get in your way. If you can persevere and get through the storm, it is an amazing career," McCauley states in the feature piece on her own engineering education and how to encourage girls and minorities to pursue STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) educational goals and careers.  Read the full interview.

Dr. Pamela McCauley with participants of the Upward Bound Science and Math Program at Penn State
Photo credit: W. West - Assistant Director, Upward Bound Math and Science, The Pennsylvania State University

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