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Hi Folks, 

If you're like me, there is no shortage of opportunities to work hard and stay busy. And some people think GTD is about being busy and structured. Not so. In fact, some of my most inspiring and inspired moments came from something that wasn't on a list. It just seemed like the thing to do in the moment—even those fun and frivolous things that help me tap into what's really important. Have you given yourself the gift of easy and unplanned lately?

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David's Food for Thought
Indulging in Easy
Things being simple and easy is not easy, for most of us.
The structure of planning what to do and working within structure can be stressful, if not stifling, unless it’s balanced with the unplanned and unstructured.

I relish those spontaneous times when I decide to stroll with my wife and dog through the park near our home in Amsterdam. Or when I take time to read a novel for fun. Or when I stop for a lovely glass of wine along an outdoor cafe along the canal because it seems like the thing to do. How about just taking time to take time?
Ah, the infinite moments to enjoy, presented to us on the conveyor belt of our existence....
There are times when making no sense makes sense. Just being, hanging out, following the whim, the momentary inclination. How long can you indulge yourself, though, purely, without hesitation, doubt, or a troubled thought about what it should be troubled about…?
Stop! Do something else. Do nothing. Try it. Anything. It’s not about our doing. We merely do to be about what we’re really about. But what we’re really about is about much more than any of that. And much more fun. We have to give up our boundaries to reach into the real priorities.
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In 2009 I had a baby. 3 months after she was born I got a pretty big promotion at work. No problem, right? I can do both. Wrong. My life completely exploded out of control. I was seeing a therapist weekly to try to manage my anxiety and feeling of loss of control. I would say, “I am running on a treadmill full speed and people are throwing balls at me and I’m only catching 10 percent.” He would nod and try to give me solutions but nothing was working.

When my daughter was 4, I went to a spa for the weekend in the worst emotional state of my life. I randomly picked up a magazine and read an article about managing email by someone named David Allen. It made a lot of sense and I started to feel better. I bought the book and spent a vacation day going through the backlog and doing an install. The treadmill immediately slowed. First I was jogging, then walking, and then it stopped. I still make mistakes and drop balls but at a MUCH lower rate. I am so thankful to David and everyone at the David Allen Company!  
––Suzanna Makkos
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