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June 2015 Newsletter

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Hi Folks,

It's been three months since the release of my updated version of the Getting Things Done book. I'm hearing from many people that it seems to have addressed the "But David, what about...?" and, "How would you handle this, given the new...?" questions people have had. It's gratifying for me, after all these years, to continue encouraging the adoption of the GTD methodology around the world, in all walks of life.

Whatever your approach to GTD, I hope my work is bringing you joy, fulfillment, and the clarity to flourish.

David's Food for Thought
3 GTD® Keys for Getting Something Off Your Mind
There's usually an inverse relationship between the amount something is on your mind, and the amount it's getting done.

The degree to which things are gnawing at our minds is usually the degree to which those things are "stuck" in some way. And what we need to do to get those things off our minds is exactly what needs to happen in order to ensure positive progress on them.

From the time you woke up this morning until this moment, have you thought of something you need to do that you still haven't done? Have you had that thought more than once? If so, that is a waste of your mental energy--having the thought about it made no progress on it! It's also taking up mental RAM space, with some wheel continually spinning internally about it. That drains energy and gets in the way of free, creative thinking and valuable daydreaming.

You don't have to finish something to get it off your mind. What you do need to do is:

    (1) clarify what the final successful outcome is,
    (2) decide the very next action required to move toward that outcome, and
    (3) put reminders of the outcome and next action in a system you trust.

Until you do those things, your mind still has that job of deciding and remembering and reminding. "In a system you trust" is important--if you know you won't look at your reminders when you could actually use them, your head will still keep that job.

For example, your boss just asked you to look into getting a new printer for the office. What's the successful outcome? Good question. Better get that clear--the purpose for it, what she wants to do with it, etc. Put "Get printer" on your Projects list, and think about it sincerely at least once a week to keep it moving. What's the next action? "Well, I think my neighbor just got a great printer for his office, I'll call him." "Call Jim Smith re: printer recommendation" goes on a Next Actions, or To Call list. You'll know that the next time you've got your phone and time to call, you'll see that as an option for things to do.

Printer is off your mind. Printer will happen.
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