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Spring 2019

Preparation of the next phase of the ITC

After having built new Lotus House - replacing Arundale House - all buildings of the ITC will be up to standard: relatively a basic standard as required for our work. After this we can shift part of our attention from buildings to activities! This Centre News will introduce some elements of this new phase in the history of the ITC. But let's first show an update on the estate, which continues to require the loving care of many volunteers. 

Unfortunate delay in the building
of Lotus House

We are very sorry to inform you that the building of Lotus House has a delay of at least four months, mainly due to technical challenges. After an initially smooth start the building company could not order specific materials, as there were questions about the structure of the roof, amongst others.

We trust that the new planning can now be realised, which means that Lotus House will be ready early October 2019.

Our booking office (Manja!) has been very creative in finding solutions for the different activities at the ITC. The retreat group, for example, now has its meditations in the Besant Hall, which is much appreciated. 

Consecration of crystals for Lotus House


Early January a small group came together in the meditation room of St. Michaels House for the consecration of seven crystals to be placed in the foundation of Lotus House. One of our dear friends abroad made a generous offer to send us the stones needed for this ceremony. The group consisted of ITC council members, key workers, and four members of Round Table. We highly appreciated the attendance of some children: a new generation joined! Parcival, in his capacity of priest of our LCC chapel, prepared this meeting very well. Each set of stones was consecrated separately, in line with its specific power. The crystals were put in a small wooden box which now has been placed in the foundation of Lotus House.


Condition of our trees investigated

You may remember that we had to face old trees and branches falling down during heavy storms early last year, causing damage to several buildings and even a car (fortunately no one was hurt). As a result of this we felt that we needed more insight in the condition of trees potentially causing risks, for instance standing close to lanes and buildings. As a result, 1324 (!) trees were investigated and reported. We received the advice to cut down 99 dead and very weak trees, and to frequently prune another 550 trees. This is quite a challenge for our loyal wood & garden team, so we will discuss with them how to approach this challenge. One of the workers is now renovating the fence along the southern path. 

Work in the Garden of Remembrance

The next big project will be the renovation of this very special place. Many of the trees have grown too tall and became weak; some trees in the original design disappeared altogether. We will need to make changes step by step, respecting the finer energies present in this garden. One of the trees will be replaced early this summer, and the other trees later in the autumn. As the old trees need to be uprooted by machine, so that young trees can be planted on the same spot, the paths will also be affected. This implies renovation of the garden a total. Early this month the garden team made the garden as nice as possible again. 

Next phase of the ITC

As mentioned earlier, the next phase of the ITC will imply more focus on activities. Considering this, it is good to meditate on the mission of the ITC, which is mentioned in the heading of each Centre News. Activities are indeed an important task for the ITC. In the past this was called 'The Divine Plan in Action'. Lord Buddha introduced the Eightfold Path. Our Centre serves those on their path of liberation, each in their own individual way. Going this path is important for anyone, and it is our humble and challenging task to facilitate at this beautiful place, either through own activities, or through other organisations working at the Centre.

Seminar on The Voice of the Silence
with Martin Leiderman

We are very happy that Martin once again agreed to conduct a seminar at the ITC. The seminar offers a comprehensive understanding of the Path, as described in this small booklet by H.P. Blavatsky. This might lead us to a better understanding of who we are, where we are on the Path, and what barriers and obstacles we face. The theme will be explored in a modern, illustrative and interactive way, expanding and challenging our understanding. 

Programs on the powers latent in humanity

In close cooperation with the Dutch Section of the Theosophical Society (TVN) we are planning a two years program on the powers latent in humanity. Those who walk the spiritual path will sooner or later be confronted with several phenomena and powers. One seems to receive that which is necessary in each specific stage of development, as a natural result of ones own efforts. Research has shown that over 50 % of the people in western countries have had exceptional experiences such as clairvoyance, near-death experiences, exceptional dreams, contact with deceased persons, or even mystical spiritual experiences. All these impressions are relevant and true for those who experience them. It indicates that 'there is more between heaven and earth': another reality. The aim of the programs on the powers latent in humanity is to increase insight, and to place them in the rational structures of science and the wisdom traditions, including theosophy. There will be an exploration of what is useful for Self-Transformation, leading towards the spiritual path. This series of programs will have a kick-off with the lecture by Kurt Leland on June 2nd about Sacred Places and will be followed by Dutch study days during autumn and spring 2019.

Sacred Places, with Kurt Leland

Many of us have experienced the calming, peaceful, and uplifting character of sacred places. These are places where it seems that that our inner and outer worlds, the soul and the body come together, where we feel inspired and whole. The American clairvoyant Kurt Leland will explore with us how to perceive, preserve and co-create them.

Important dates for your diary

For more information: (see activities agenda)

June, 2
Sacred Places; how to perceive, preserve and co-create them, with Kurt Leland (English)

June, 21 - 25     
The Voice of the Silence; An insight into the Mystery and Purpose of our Life. Seminar with Martin Leiderman (English)
November, 9
Religieuze en mystieke ervaringen (Dutch)

February, 15
Rituelen en genezing (Dutch) 

May, 2 
Werken met energieën (Dutch)

June, 12 - 14
The Science of Powers Latent in Humanity, symposium, English

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