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Mission statement of the ITC: the reason for its existence 

To serve humanity as a Spiritual Study and Retreat Centre, inviting people to work on the process of inner transformation.

What is unique about the ITC Naarden?   

(The Executive Committee will work on a new proposal for the next Council meeting in June 2021).

Since 1925 a wide range of uplifting activities has largely contributed to the uniqueness and special atmosphere of the ITC. This Centre, in reality a ‘portal’, provides a focus on the finer energies which greatly contribute to its sense of ‘wholeness’ and ‘sacredness’. Visitors and participants of activities, when receptive to its quietness and openness, can thus be greatly helped and inspired. Hence the unique role of ITC Naarden.

Rabindranath Tagore at the ITC 100 years ago

These days we were reminded that in the autumn of 1920 the Indian poet and mystic Rabindranath Tagore stayed for some weeks at St. Michaels House, then called The Dunes. He was invited by the Dutch Section of the TS for a lecture tour in the Netherlands. Mary van Eeghen-Boissevain, living in The Dunes, offered her house. This was the beginning of a fine friendship. A few years later Tagore invited her to come to India, where she was inspired to offer the house for a major spiritual cause. This ultimately resulted in her offering the estate to Annie Besant being President of the TS in 1925. This was the beginning of the ITC as it is today. 
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The ITC during Corona time

Another wave of Corona has had its impact on the ITC. All activities have been cancelled, with the exception of the relatively small-scale local TS lodge and the yoga school. The Corona challenge is also a spiritual one: how are we dealing with it personally and as an organisation? We experience how important it is to maintain our inner equilibrium, and not be carried away by fear or emotions. We are happy to offer our friends to stay in one of the three cottages at the ITC, for a personal retreat or study, away from the turmoil of the world of today.

Introduction week

There are plans to organise an introduction week for new members and those interested in theosophy. We will keep your posted.

The 145th International Convention of the TS (online)

The theme this year is Cycles of Awareness. During four days, from Sunday, 27 December, till Wednesday 30 December 2020, each continent will offer a program, to be broadcasted from Adyar. 
Register for the Convention.
We are inviting you warmly to watch the beautiful short film about the ITC Naarden (made during Corona time) on the Europe/Africa day of Tuesday 29 December around 11:00 AM (Europe/Paris timezone). The film shows  different aspects, history, the estate and activities taking place at the ITC.

More than 500 books about buddhism

The buddhist retreat organisation Sangha Metta decided to reallocate its library at the ITC, where most of its activities are taking place. Over 500 excellent books have now been integrated in the catalogue of the ITC library: books on different aspects of buddhism, with commentaries on original Pali texts, Tibetan buddhism, Tao and meditation. Our catalogue will shortly be available. 

The garden team has been busy

There is always much work to do in the gardens of the ITC. Removal of dead leaves from the paths and around the buildings is an obvious job. In addition, over 600 flower bulbs have been planted: snowdrops, crocuses, anemones, narcissus and irises.

We recently received a few dozen large shrubs which have been planted around Crystal Hall, and in the meditation garden. An apple tree was planted next to the Besant Hall, and our friends from Round Table built an insect hotel. 

Centre News is well received

Centre News, in its current email format, is several years old. It is sent to more than 650 e-mail addresses all over the world. More than 60% of recipients open and read it. In case you have friends who might be interested to receive Centre News as well, you can forward this one to them so they can register themselves 
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Important dates for your diary

Due to Corona, all programs have been cancelled.
Please follow the announcements on our website

Projects you might wish to support financially

Lotus House: for European donations use the IBAN account-number 
NL42 ABNA 0475 4536 46 or Stichting St. Michael, BIC/SWIFT code ABNANL2A.

Gardens of ITC: much time and effort is given to make the gardens beautiful, fertilizing the poor sandy soil and adding more plants. 

Olcott Fund: a small fund for travel expenses of lecturers, and scholarships for participants during ITC seminars. Donations payable to St. Michael's Foundation (see footer) mentioning Olcott Fund.

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