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Mission Statement of the ITC: the reason for its existence

To serve humanity as a Spiritual Study and Retreat Centre, inviting people to work on the process of inner transformation.

What is unique about the ITC Naarden? (text still under consideration of the Council)

Since 1925 a wide range of uplifting activities has largely contributed to the uniqueness and very special atmosphere of the ITC. This Centre, in reality a ‘portal’, provides a focus on the finer energies which greatly contribute to its sense of ‘wholeness’ and ‘sacredness’. Visitors and participants of activities, when receptive to its quietness and openness, can thus be greatly helped and inspired. Hence the unique role of ITC Naarden.

ITC during Corona time

Over the last few months, it has been incredibly quiet at the ITC, as all activities have been cancelled. This quietness and silence has its benefits if it does not last for too long. Several meetings have been organised through Skype or Zoom, but we experienced that, while this is helpful, it is different from really meeting friends: that cannot be replaced. Hence in line with the Mission Statement the ITC is a place where people can meet and work together on the process of inner transformation. 

Will the way forward be with smaller groups?

We have been considering our options in case the 1,5 meter distance regulations of the Dutch Government will continue for more time than we currently hope for. The Besant Hall for instance has seats for 120 to 150 people. With a distance of 1,5 meter in mind there will be just enough space for some 40 people. So, for the time being, we cannot proceed with our successful programs on The Powers Latent in Humankind which attracted more than 100 people. Retreats with up to 40 people however can start again by using our buildings in a more flexible way. This summer, the Round Table camp will take place in the end of July; the first retreats will start in September. 

The role of the ITC during Corona; some observations

As mentioned, the Corona challenge once again highlights the importance of spiritual centres. Even without activities, without a frequent flow of groups with their energies, the ITC is there as a Portal of Light. The inner work continues, for instance by the masses in the Chapel of the Liberal Catholic Church, as well as by individual meditative activities. One of the things observed is that people are curious about our Retreat Centre, and when we ask a visitor  “Can I help you?” a lot of serious questions are asked by them. This open attitude to questions has often led to new workers.

Work at the ITC is going on during Corona time

As there were no activities at the ITC this allowed us to make several improvements. The rooms in Crystal House have been renovated with fresh paint, most of the matrasses have been replaced, and new cupboards installed. The acoustics in the corridors of Crystal House and the Lotus living have been improved by acoustic panels. The much needed renovation of the cloister however has been delayed, as all relevant companies are overloaded with work. Our enthusiastic garden group is meeting once a month and often some days in between. They are making the gardens very beautiful. There are new flower beds in the garden of St. Michaels House, the renovated Garden of Remembrance is requiring continuos maintenance, and a herb garden at the entrance of Lotus House is under construction. 

New flower beds in the garden of St. Michaels House

  Garden of Remembrance                                       Herb garden at the entrance of Lotus House

Important dates for your diary

Due to Corona, all programs have been cancelled. Please follow announcements at

Projects you might wish to support financially

Lotus House: for European donations use the IBAN account-number NL42 ABNA 0475 4536 46 of Stichting St. Michael, BIC/SWIFT code ABNANL2A.

Olcott Fund: a small fund for travel expenses of lecturers, and scholarships for participants during ITC seminars. Donations payable to St. Michael's Foundation (see footer) mentioning Olcott Fund.

Maintenance of the Garden of Remembrance: please mention GOR.

General information: For payments outside Europe you are advised to make 'payments with shared costs'. This means that both parties share relatively low domestic costs. Within Europe be sure, whenever possible, to use a SEPA conform transfer, using IBAN and BIC (SWIFT), without any transaction costs. 

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