Thank you to volunteer Sarah D!

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Volunteer Profile : Summer 2015

Thank you to SARAH D for your dedication and passion while volunteering on CCASA's 24-hr Support and Information phone line for the last two + years! Here's what she had to say about her time so far with us.


"The day I started my training with CCASA was my graduation day for my Certified Peer Support Specialist Training. I have facilitated 10 week recovery programs for people with mood disorders in the past and realized a lot of people who were struggling had past trauma, sometimes sexually related. I wanted a new opportunity where I could offer support to people ready to address issues that CCASA specializes in and commit to breaking the culture of silence around sexual assault and abuse.

My time with CCASA is always an adventure, you never know what to expect on a shift. I love how this volunteer job gives me the opportunity to support callers and let them know that this agency is a tool for healing and strengthening them on their recovery journey."

"This month is my 2 year anniversary with CCASA, and I don't plan on quitting. Mary and the other professionals at CCASA offer a strong support system to volunteers, it is a community - not just a business. We're able to work together to help people find a harmonious lifestyle and let go of what is hurting them. The most rewarding part of my volunteer experience is witnessing people's strength and persistence to having a healthier future. It continuously inspires me to try something new and grow into a better person."

 "Currently, I work as a Chiropractor's Assistant. I love being able to use my mental health tools I have from my volunteer experience to enhance my patient's experience at the clinic. My latest project is getting my Insurance License to sell life insurance. In April I took a stand-up comedy workshop (which was amazing!) through FunnyFest and performed at Ceili's. It was such an amazing experience, and was grateful that Mary approved my sabbatical. I'm always reading, writing, or laughing."