CCASA January 2015 Volunteer Newsletter
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Happy New Year and Thank You!
The team at CCASA sends their deepest, most heartfelt thank you for the work volunteers have done over the last year. One of CCASA’s primary beliefs is that sexual abuse and sexual assault are acts of violence that impact all individuals, families and communities.  The strength and impact volunteers have gifted clients in the moment of crisis comes from a place of compassion for others and our communities.  We thank volunteers for their dedication and support of CCASA programs that service the individual, families and communities that have been directly or indirectly impacted by sexual abuse and sexual assault. 
Vibrant Volunteers
Each month we share a volunteer's unique journey with CCASA...
I started becoming increasingly aware of the normalization of rape and the disregard for consent in our society. In order to do my part to help fix this problem, I started looking for organizations in Calgary that aim to fight and change the pervasive rape culture in our society. I found CCASA to be an organization that is not only committed to this goal, but also gives their volunteers the opportunities to make a change and a significant contribution to the fight against sexual abuse and domestic violence.
Sharanya grew up in 3 countries and has lived in 5 different cities - she loves moving to new places, meeting new people, learning the language and getting to know the city. She is currently working on her PhD, her project is looking at heart disease in women. Sharanya's a self proclaimed science geek and foodie!

My favourite part about my CCASA experience, without a doubt, is the difference a few simple words make to a caller when they are trying to come to terms with abuse they experienced. Saying "it is not your fault" and hearing the immediate relief in the voice of the callers is extremely motivating and it reminds me of why the work CCASA is doing is so important. Shifting the blame from survivors of sexual abuse to the perpetrators of abuse is an important part of changing the perception of society on abuse, and knowing that I am lucky to have the opportunity to make this difference in the life of a few people means a lot to me. The people who volunteer and work at CCASA keep me going. It is hard to find a more passionate, committed and fun group of people and I am so thankful to be a part of the team! I have learned a lot from my volunteer experience and I hope to continue to do so!
What's Happening, Calgary?
Different arts, culture, awareness projects and events happening in Calgary

The Feminist Open Mic Night will be an evening of coffee, entertainment and Valentine’s Day card making.

"The open mic will start at 7:00, but the sign-up sheet will open at 6:45. Music, poetry, comedy and anything else you can do in little space is welcome. Each performance will be limited to 5 minutes, but if the list is short you’re welcome to keep heading up!" - Feminist Open Mic Night Facebook Invite


For more information, please visit Feminist Open Mic Night Facebook Page!
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CCASA's Mission: Provide leadership to impact attitudes and actions around sexual assault.

CCASA's Vision: Healthy communities free of sexual abuse and sexual assault.