Thank you to volunteer Nicole P!

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Volunteer Profile : September 2015

Thank you to NICOLE P for your dedication and passion while volunteering on CCASA's 24-hr Support and Information phone line! Here's what Nucole had to say about her time so far with us.


 "As a volunteer for CCASA, I admire the callers that reach out in a state of complete despair or distress who are willing to share their vulnerability with you and embrace and appreciate the support that you're providing. When you are able to connect with these callers, hear them and support them to bring them back down to a state of calm, often even to a state of joy where we're laughing together - THOSE are the experiences that flood my heart with warm-fuzzies and keep me coming back for more."

"Without a doubt though, the best part of my experience here are the people behind CCASA. Everyone who has trained me and everyone who is passionate about this topic; they're always willing to answer questions or provide guidance with the utmost patience and kindness."

"I was initially drawn to CCASA due to the critical support they were providing to Calgarians within the scope of sexual abuse. As an aspiring sex therapist, I had little experience in the realm of sexual abuse or trauma, and was really eager to gain information and skills with which to help my future clients. I am currently pursuing my M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology at the University of Lethbridge, and hope to obtain a second Master's in Human Sexuality from San Francisco before one day opening my own psychology practice. My hobbies include being a Passion Parties consultant, traveling, yoga, hiking, spending time with loved ones, and eating new and weird foods!"