CCASA October 2014 Volunteer Newsletter
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Let's deconstruct masculinity a little bit...

Listen to CCASA's own Joe McGuire, Sexual Assault Educator, speak on Alberta Primetime about gender expectations and our culture's problematic definition of masculinity. The links between power, control, and violence against women are highlighted.

Take Back The Night

On Friday, September 19th, several of our volunteers participated in Take Back The Night, an annual event to protest and bring awareness to the issue of violence against women. Cathy D's fabulous feminist dog, Czr, came out to show his support! The evening began with a rally featuring local speakers and performers, followed by a march to symbolize a woman’s right to walk alone safely. It ended with a speak-out where participants had an opportunity to share their own experience with this form of violence.

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Event
In collaboration with 1BlueString 
Last month CCASA held an event in celebration of the resilience and strength of survivors of childhood sexual abuse as well as to bring awareness to healing resources. Local musician, Jory Kinjo (left), brought his musical talent and Des Biss (right), friend of CCASA, shared his powerful survivor story. Inspired by the 1BlueString initiative, Jory's guitar included one blue string, representing the 1 in 6 male survivors of child sexual abuse.

If you are a musician or know of one, CCASA still has blue guitar strings for sale for both acoustic and electric guitars for $5.00. We also have funky gender neutral guitar string bracelets for $15.00. If you would like to purchase either, contact Karen Baker at or 403-237-6905 ext. 262.

Worth checking out...
If you have some free time, check out these videos! Codes of Gender is a fantastic documentary that offers insights into the social construction of masculinity and femininity. You can stream it online for free!
I'm sure you remember talking a lot about how common myths around victim blaming are in our society during volunteer training. Check out Laci Green's Victim Blaming 101 video where she does a great job of deconstructing these common and harmful myths.

CCASA is excited to announce that the ManEnough? program will once again be running this fall at the University of Calgary with the support of the Women’s Resource Centre.

The “ManEnough?” Program provides a safe space for male identified people to speak on issues related to the societal view of masculinity and its relation to a culture accepting of sexual violence. This program is designed to assist men in the development of the skills needed to challenge attitudes and actions that support violence and to explore alternative constructions of masculinity that promote equality, as men who are invested in healthy relationships with their own masculinity are more likely to go on to have healthy relationships with others.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about how to become part of the “ManEnough?” Program, contact Joe McGuire at 

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CCASA's Mission: Provide leadership to impact attitudes and actions around sexual abuse and sexual assault.

CCASA's Vision: Healthy communities free of sexual abuse and sexual assault.