Volunteer Profile - Neelam B November 2015

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Volunteer Profile : November 2015

Thank you to Neelam B for your dedication and passion while volunteering on CCASA's 24-hr Support and Information phone line! Here's what Neelam had to say about her time so far with us.


"My initial years of post-secondary education introduced me to a variety of issues. I developed a critical perspective towards various society-constructed issues and I wanted to volunteer with an organization that allowed me to deal with such issues first hand. I came across CCASA online and I knew this organization would provide me with the growth I sought in helping others. I remember during my interview I said “it is upsetting that you don’t feel completely safe walking to your car after an evening class, or you stay aware of your surroundings while taking the train home when it is dark out”. Mary, the Volunteer Coordinator, challenged me on those thoughts by mentioning that people shouldn’t have to feel responsible in preventing someone from assaulting them. This conversation struck me and over 2 years later I still remember our exact conversation because I had allowed myself to believe that there were precautions you could take to avoid getting sexually assaulted.  At that moment I knew I received a key to a door that opened up a world with a whole new perspective."


"Sometimes on the phone lines, we receive calls from people in crisis. Knowing I was able to de-escalate the situation is so rewarding. When the caller says “my mind is at ease”, “I feel much better”, “I will be okay”, “thank you”, that is when I feel like I have done my part. I am positive that if I am unable to help a person in that moment, someone else will, whether it is another CCASA volunteer or a kind helpful person. I also love knowing that our volunteer team at CCASA is constantly growing."

"A little about me: Years ago, my sister and I started a business that provides makeup, hair, and henna services in Calgary and surrounding areas. 8 years later we continue to run our successful business, Sapphire Studio Ltd. We now offer a 45 hour certification program for students wanting a career in the wedding industry that took place this year in October and November. We have also partnered with prestigious brands such as MAKE UP FOR EVER and Bombay Hair, and are currently in the works with Redken. I am the senior makeup artist, hair stylist and henna artist for my business, and now newly titled educator which is very exciting. My business is a huge part of who I am and we continually lend our services for various causes."
"I graduated from the University of Calgary in 2014 with a degree in Law and Society and a minor in Political Science. My goal is to apply to law school this year and practice business law in Calgary upon completion of my Juris Doctor. I currently volunteer for 5 other organizations and am putting together a project for the Children’s Cottage Society. Volunteering is something I have always wanted to participate in because it is a huge aspect of my personal growth. I love to bake, and if I had more time on my hands I would bake wedding cakes and other desserts. One hobby of mine is to attend wine tastings and enjoy new foods, when I have a stressful day or free time I enjoy buying a tea and spending hours walking through Michaels, Home Outfitters, Home Sense, and think about all the cool things I could create."