"Are We At The End?"

Chapter 3, Part B

by Apostle Jerry Upton

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Honey Rock Victorious Church International, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Kingdom Feature

A "right now" word from the Lord.


"Are We At The End?"

Chapter 3, Part B

"The Money Changers"

Deception comes in many forms, but the very root of all evil and wickedness comes from “The love of money.” {1 Timothy 6:10} The consuming lust for money has been one of the greatest weapons that the kingdom of darkness has used against all mankind; and as we approach the end of this earth age, it will grow even worse.

When you look at the scripture referred to in 1 Timothy 6:9, you see clearly:

"But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition.”

Thank God that the Word of God instructs us on how to have the right spirit, attitude, and desire as it relates to money, and this instruction is found in the same chapter in verses 17-19:

"Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate; Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.”

If you look closely at these scriptures, you will find the following instructions:

  1. Don’t allow pride (high-mindedness), arrogance, or an egotistical attitude to rule in your life because God has blessed you with wealth.
  2. Don’t put your trust in wealth that God has blessed you with, depending more on what you have than on who you belong to. (God)
  3. Always seek to do good with the wealth that God has blessed you with, and understand that wealth is only a tool to establish God’s covenant on the earth.
  4. Understand at all times that the wealth that God has blessed you with is designed to be distributed (not hoarded up), and released to advance the Kingdom of God. I also believe that for those that have been blessed with great wealth that God will anoint them to share His wisdom and knowledge on how to handle wealth from a Godly perspective.
  5. Handling wealth God’s way will give you a solid, unmovable, steadfast foundation, regardless of what comes upon the earth. It is described this way in Psalms 112:6-8:

"Surely he shall not be moved for ever: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord. His heart is established, he shall not be afraid, until he see his desire upon his enemies.

This is the right way to handle wealth, and it is so different from the dominant mindset that has contaminated so many of God’s children. The carnal, fleshly mindset that has ruled in the lives of so many of God’s children as it relates to wealth has them trusting more in money, pension plans, investment accounts, money markets, and savings accounts than God who gave them the ability to receive that wealth. {Deuteronomy 8:18}

The demonic spirits that had entered the temple in the days of Jesus when He was on the earth have in our day and time taken many ministries, churches, non-profits, and especially the world captive heading down the road for economic collapse in the last days. There are specific ways that the countdown for economic Armageddon has been set up, but I only want to point out a few for your understanding and research. While I clearly realize that many in the western world don’t believe that challenging times are coming upon the USA, the Word of God gives us the real truth as outlined in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.

The upcoming election in America will accelerate the “beginning of sorrows.” {Matthew 24:9} What is about to unravel in the USA is going to touch the nations of the earth, due to the fact that the demonic false messiah is about to be revealed to the remnant church. Not all will have eyes to see or ears to hear, but God has a remnant people who have not been deceived by the adversary, and will be steadfast regardless of what comes upon the earth.

In order to set this mass deception up that will affect all nations, the demonic spirits behind the money changers strategically implemented the following:

**To enslave the world in a massive amount of debt, (the United States being one of the biggest debtor nations with only 6% of the world’s population) to an invisible group of International Bankers.

**To create a mindset in the nations and people of the world the illusion of peace, safety, and the prosperity of fools. {I will share the prophetic scriptures on the prosperity of fools.}

**To connect the nations in what is now called the “global economy” so that whatever affects the larger nations of the world will in turn affect all nations.

**To create a global tracking system in order to store data on income, pension plans, the spending and buying habits of people, off shore money accounts, insurance accounts, and all of the pertinent data that applies to the wealth held by people.

**Advancing the plans and strategies for the New World Order to come forth by keeping the people ignorant of who is really behind this mindset, and by creating and releasing the spirit of fear in the nations of the earth.

To read the rest of the article and obtain printable copy of the whole article, "Are We At The End?" Chapter 3, Part B", read more.

With God’s Love and Peace,

     Bro. Jerry Upton

Phase 2 Is Complete!

We are excited to announce that Phase 2 is completed!

Already God has used our newest facility greatly. In January, we were able to have our very first Compassion Dinner of 2017 in the building.

For the last 2 Sundays, our youth have been happy to have a place on Sunday mornings to stretch out and have their own anointed classes and service. In addition, Apostle Jerry has begun Super Mondays, beginning with this past Monday.

To God be the glory! He supplies all we need out of His riches in glory and to advance His Kingdom agenda in the earth.

We are grateful to Yahweh for providing this great new multi-purpose facility and look forward to sharing more of the wonderful things He is doing!
Singles' Workshop!

Family Matters and HRVCI is hosting their first Singles' Workshop of 2017. The theme is

"When My Singleness is Challenged"

It will be on Saturday, February 11 at 3 pm.

Come and hear some of the challenges that singles are facing and how they can be addressed with a Godly approach.

Sign up at the church media center in the back of the sanctuary, or see Sister Robin Butler.

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Lenoir City on the 1st Sunday evening of each month at 5:00 pm.

Super Mondays!

Are you believing for MUCH MORE in your life this year?

Each Monday from 6-8pm, Apostle Jerry will be teaching on a different topic, designed to help you greater accomplish all that God has planned for your life.

Wow, what an agenda the Lord has planned for us this year!

Registration is required through the church office: 865-541-6111.

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Supernatural Evangelism & Discipleship

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Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendar for these upcoming events:

**Super Monday classes,

Every Monday, 6-8 pm @ HR Phase 2

Registration required.

**Single Ladies' Workshop

Saturday, February 11, 3 pm
@ HR main bldg.


**Compassion Dinner
(every 3rd Saturday of the month)

Saturday, February 18, 1 pm
@HR Phase 2

We begin serving dinner at 1 pm.

**Sunday Evening Service

Sunday, March 5, 5 pm
@ My Father's House, Lenoir City.

Women's Ministries 

Do you have a heart for the weary and brokenhearted?

If so, please join us...
for our monthly fellowship with the ladies at KARM every 3rd Thursday at 7 pm, and at the YWCA every 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 pm.

All it takes is a couple of hours a month to serve and minister the love of Christ and His hope to these precious women.

Please see Sisters Robin Butler or Linda Smith if you can volunteer.
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Jesus in the Gym 
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Compassion Dinner: 
3rd Saturday, 124 pm
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See Youth Pastor Todd Kincaid.

For other volunteer opportunities: 
See Pastor Ron Butler.
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