What does 2022 look like? 

So excited to jump in to these initiatives.

Thinking Theologically Together: Women exploring theology in practical ways. 

Rather than applying theology after the fact, let's be lead by good theological thinking in our relationships, conversations, mentoring, and decision making. This initiative is in response to some encouragingly deep conversations with some smart women who are tired of rehashing the basics and want to do theology, but didn't really know they were allowed to. We are all theologians, though few dare to wear the label. What we know and think about God, His nature & character, determines how we live, how we respond to Him. It also influences how some parent, love, prioritize and grow, ... or not. This is discipling on a whole new level!

Existential <-> Spiritual Chaplaincy Conversations

With the uncertainty and losses of the last couple of years, people of no declared faith are asking and exploring existential questions; the meaning of life, purpose and identity. When does an existential exploration become a spiritual quest? Do we have the vocabulary to frame our desires, questions, hopes and fears? I'm leading this research project in collaboration with other chaplains. It will likely be published in an academic journal and be presented at a conference. I'm more excited about how it will give chaplains and believers in professional spaces the language to talk about faith without being shut down for being too religious.

Inclusive Faith Project

Most faiths, and their sacred scriptures, say they are inclusive, just, hospitable, compassionate... but in practice, people with impairments and/or disabilities are often left to keep up if they can. Little effort is made to make community faith practice accessible. So this is a justice project I've been invited to lead, but it's also another way for me to be in conversation with Hindus, Buddhists, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish people and others... where I'll be asking them about their sacred teachings, and get to share mine. I'll ask them what their founder taught or modeled in regard to people on the margins, and I'll get to share what mine did! Seeking common ground, always. One outcome will be a practical resource for people with disabilities to take to leaders in their faith communities, and/or for faith leaders to use as they initiate conversations amongst their community so as to eliminate obstacles, be more considerate and inclusive.

Retreat Guide for Spiritual Formation

I have compiled some of the resources I've used over the years in to a guide for the students and staff of Laidlaw College, the local seminary where I serve as chaplain to the staff. The college will publish it both in print and online. I'm kinda excited to hold such a resource in my hand, and to contemplate what God is already doing through it. Spiritual practices result in spiritual maturity, and with a deepening intimacy with God.

Refugees as Survivors Youth Forum: February 

I've been asked to facilitate activities that will see the youth producing a couple of resources to help young people talk about mental health with their parents or caregivers. Many of the young people come from cultures where mental health is not spoken of, so the families do not have the vocabulary or patterns for these discussions. The young people themselves will create a resource with their peers and younger siblings in mind. We hope the NZ Government will fund the publishing of it both online and in print. 

Do you see  •  CHURCH • CAMPUS • COMMUNITY  •  in each of these?
Do you see the hand of God in each of these? And most of them I was INVITED in to! He continues to surprise, humble and bless me. He continues to show me that there is purpose and preparation in everything, and that there are seasons for different types of ministry and influence.

Partners introduce other partners

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