Sometimes my ministry reaches beyond NZ and around the South Pacific. 
Sitting on a handwoven mat, surrounded by beautiful children in a remote Fijian village, I spoke at a church in June; just a few restoration principles with a linguistic contextualisation that my new friends referred to a few times over the next week. 

yatha = namesake
Many Fijians name babies after respected family members with hopes they’ll learn from their character & lifestyle.
We are Christ’s yatha
Not rocket science, but the core of discipling from Philippians 2:5.
Uncle Solo with Young Solo’s new baby. 
While in Suva for 3 days staying with local families, we spotted a gallery selling artwork from prisoners. Simoni‘s artwork resonated with my housemate Stephanie & myself so we met him, chatted, encouraged and bought a piece. 

Simoni was in maximum security for 10 years, allowed only a mattress, blanket & Bible, and is due to be released in 2021. He is a gentle humble soul. I didn’t ask what he was convicted of. 

Buying his artwork affirmed him and restored a bit of dignity, and it created conversations with our host family who might think me a bit nuts. I’m good with that. Jesus died for Simoni too. His grace is sufficient. Please join me in praying for Simoni and his family?  I told him we would. Matthew 25:35-40.
You know my primary objective, and the means to that objective, is to proclaim Christ and how He has restored our relationship with God, right?  Colossians 1:28-29 That’s it! That’s the good news. Those dead in their sins can be made alive in Christ. 

I do that through the CHURCH, on CAMPUS and in the COMMUNITY in a postChristian context where most people think faith is for the ignorant. 

Some representative snippets of my interactions:
I recently went with young people who are former refugees to a Unity Race Relations High School speech finalist competition, and had the most amazing conversations on the way home. One of the finalists was originally from Zimbabwe, so I got to meet her mom and exchange contact info. The students in the car with me were from different African countries and differing faiths. They thought I was funny. Go figure.  COMMUNITY

Zoe is a Korean Kiwi, formerly a student at Massey and recently started worshipping with us at Shore. One of my roles at the church is helping people connect. Pray for Zoe to make meaningfully connections with the Young Adult Life Group she’s visited. She was in worship this Sunday even though her mom didn’t come! Very encouraging! 

Recently I found a counselor for an amazing young mum in our church. She’s Singaporean and her husband is Canadian. They’re involved with a few outreach ministries and expecting their fourth boy! Please pray for her? CHURCH

I’ve tried to support another young mom who has mental illness, and has finally decided to leave her husband, convinced that a divorce is better than her suicide. The husband is heart broken after, as far as those of us outside of the home can see, doing everything he could to be a supportive husband and dad. It’s so sad. Tough choices. CHURCH

A lovely German woman who has been worshipping with us as she sought employment to immigrate to NZ, has just let me know that she did get a job, at Massey University! She helped me during Spirituality Week and I introduced her to a few people. Her resumé and interview skills did the rest. A lovely outcome. CHURCH/CAMPUS

Most of my Saturday evenings are spent at a youth centre in multicultural Mt Roskill, an inner Auckland suburb. Young people gather for conversations and interaction, usually with a programme around an issue or meaningful project. Please pray that we focus on the right engaging things. COMMUNITY

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