During the period of being able to move about freely and enjoy cafés being open again, I had many face to face conversations with people about their faith, lack thereof, fear & anxiety, depression, joy and spiritual practices. 

It is humbling and awesome to sense how the Holy Spirit guides my ministry by supplying the right question, or by nudging me to hold the silence as the person considers what they’d like to say next, or by prompting just the right illustration for a concept worth remembering. I am amazed by God’s active role in growing me and others as we navigate waters for which we have no charts or maps. He is caring, kind, gracious and faithful. He provides, anticipates, and journeys with us. He is not surprised by any of this or the other stressors in our lives. I’m grateful and encouraged when I remind myself of who He is; His character and nature do not change. 
Ngahuia Taurere is a joy to be with. She’s wise, witty and loves Jesus. Her heart for discipling young people encourages me. When she prays, we know God hears her. They’re tight! 
Elliot & E.T.  •  Will & Carlton  •  Woody & Buzz Lightyear •  Batman, Alfred & Robin  • Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong  •  Fred & Ginger  • Gene & Rita  • John & Olivia •  George & Alexander •  Frodo, Sam & the rest of the FotR  •  

... partners, fellowship, someone who’s got your back & helps carry the load... we all need that.
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Behind me in this pic taken at ICOM 2018 are just a few of those at The ARK Christian Ministries who have my back. They invariably say, “Yes” or “We’ll figure it out.”

We need additional financial partners to our fellowship. It’s never only about finances, but, especially in the midst of pandemics & chaos, financial resources give us opportunities for the gospel.

First, we ask that you pray about your role in this ministry. We trust that God will lay it on your heart if you are to give, how much and how often.

Second, to partner in this ministry:
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You will be directed to The Ark Christian Ministries PayPal website. We chose PayPal as it is highly trusted and the service fees are reasonable for charities.
• Tap in how much you’d like to donate, then a quick easy registration so we can send appropriate tax receipts for your records.
You will see options: recurring donation or one-time donation and options on how to transfer funds.

It’s relatively easy to do over a quiet cup of coffee or cold beverage, or during commercials.

A few significant partnerships will see us through, while every donation encourages us far beyond the dollar amount might suggest.

God bless you as you prayerfully consider your partnerships.
The Ark NZ Online Donation Portal

The need is real.

The opportunities are numerous.

Partner with us?
Just some details: It’s Winter down here, chilly, rainy and grey. We use electric space heaters in our bedrooms and my office. The power bill in the house I now live in was NZ$312 for July. That’s US$207, much better than the previous house, and without the mold!

With all the financial uncertainties in this weird season, I’ve not upgrade my car this year as planned; new tires were a cheaper option. All international travel has, of course, been cancelled.
My cellphone is paid off and I’ve been paying attention to rewards programs for savings on fuel where possible. Every little bit helps. I try to spend ministry money even more carefully than I spend my personal money.

Current situation regarding COVID-19 in NZ: 
Auckland is very restricted at Level Three and the rest of the country at Level 2 after a new cluster in the community came to light. We enjoyed three months of relative freedom, with no community transmission, even meeting regularly for worship for several weeks. An outbreak was inevitable as it’s a sneaky virus that won’t stay behind the quarantine fences. NZ’s strategy can be different from other places because of our moat and limited space & population.

My 2020 plans got turned upside down.
I was to be helping to host an international chaplains’ conf in the UK in June and then be in the US Sept & Oct to visit churches and ministry partners. All of that was cancelled. Planes are not even flying. Borders are closed. Calendars and plans are being juggled.
People are trying to guess when there might be a game changing vaccine or reliable treatment options that would enable other economic and social opportunities. 

None of this surprises God, so I’m again reminded that I need to hold plans loosely and lightly. I need to turn my focus from many very worthy distractions and return it to my God, Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer. 
With 539 views, and counting, Lui provided light relief and an avenue for me to communicate to the university campus. People joined us online who wouldn’t have just tuned in for me. 
Jill Shaw is committed to multicultural postChristian Discipleship & Conversations: Connecting people with Jesus in one of the world's most ethnically diverse cities. 

In Colossians 4:6 Paul says -
"Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone."

And I’m having different conversations now than I possibly would have had if we’d not had our world rocked by a global pandemic. 

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Jill's residential address is: 
96 Lincoln Park Ave
Massey 0614, Auckland New Zealand
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