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We recommend:

  1. New cause area: Violence against women and girls (Akhil)
  2. Terminate deliberation based on resilience, not certainty (Gregory Lewis)
  3. Michael Nielsen's "Notes on effective altruism" (Link-posted by Pablo)
  4. AGI Ruin: A List of Lethalities (Eliezer Yudkowsky)
  5. Things usually end slowly (Ollie Base)
  6. Luke Muehlhauser: Effective Altruism As I See It (link-posted by Aryeh Englander)
  7. Intergenerational trauma impeding cooperative existential safety efforts (Andrew Critch)
  8. Notes on impostor syndrome (Lizka — me)
  9. What does 'one dollar of value' mean? (Aaron Bergman)
  10. Deference Culture in EA (Joey)
  11. Global health is important for the epistemic foundations of EA, even for longtermists (Owen Cotton-Barratt)

Calls to action:

  1. Legal Priorities Project Competition: Improving Cost-Benefit Analysis to Account for Existential and Catastrophic Risks (Mackenzie)
  2. Former high school debaters: Share this VBI EA scholarship with your old team! (Abie Rohrig)

Classic Forum Post:

  1. Beware surprising and suspicious convergence (one of the winners in the Decade Review)
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